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Friday, September 5, 2008

Student Attendance at Athletic Events

It's a good to have a sense of humor.

In today's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, editorial cartoonist Dick Collier provided a clever and pretty funny representation of the district's new guidelines for student attendance at athletic events:Of course, the district does not have student-sized pet carriers nor would we condone such treatment.

We would prefer for parents to come to the games with students to help build and maintain a safe environment for family enjoyment.

What are the changes?
  • High school students will have to show their student ID to attend any MISD athletic event.

  • High school students, who fail to provide their student ID, will not be admitted into the stadium without a parent.

  • Students, eighth grade and below, must be accompanied by parent.

  • Students are expected to be picked up no later than 30 minutes after the end of any athletic event. Failure to pick up students within the 30 minute grace period may result in students being restricted from attending future athletic events.

  • MISD Stadium - Students will be held in the first floor community room until they are picked up by an adult.

  • R.L. Anderson Stadium - Students will be on the home side in front of the ticket booth until they are picked up by an adult.
Why are we doing this?
  • We want our MISD athletic events to have a family atmosphere.

  • MISD is attempting to provide a safe/secure environment for all individuals attending athletic events.

  • Students have been left after the conclusion of athletic events for over an hour.

  • Businesses are now open in the area of MISD Stadium. If students decide to visit these businesses after a game, they will have to walk across Highway 360 at night. For their safety, it is our opinion students should not leave the stadium area at the conclusion of games without proper supervision.
By the way, this is the real community room:

(Thanks to cartoonist Dick Collier for granting permission to reproduce his work.)


Anonymous said...

As an MISD parent, I support the new rules at the stadium. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I also support the new rules for the kids, but the rule that prohibits adults (parents) from leaving any time during the game without purchasing another ticket to return is a little extreme.

Anonymous said...

Great concept! It discourages poor behavior by students and encourages family involvement. I support the new protocol! Way to go! Parents should remain with their children. Events are not intended to be baby sitting services.

Anonymous said...

In my blog posted on Sept. 23rd, I wasn't implying that parents should be allowed to leave during the game without their children...
I was talking about parents (adults) that do not have minors with them that may have other children in activities elsewhere..
these parents have to split their time between children and games, and should have the right to leave and re-enter with a paid ticket stub.