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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey Anonymous, I want to talk to you

We appreciate all of the comments that are coming in to the Your Mansfield ISD blog and hope you all continue to engage in this activity. I want to encourage you to consider leaving behind the "Anonymous" moniker when you come by and comment and let us know who you are. It is difficult to address concerns when we don't know who is asking the questions or leaving their nuggets of wisdom.

Anonymous Commenting
I understand that there certainly times you may feel like not wanting your name tied to a comment. Anonymous commenting is still being allowed on this blog because we understand you may not want to have your name tied to some controversial topics and/or comments for the world to see. But, some of the commenting has come in and would have been great to have a name attached so we could rerspond via further comments or even a separate post.

Why are you here in the first place? If you want to bash the district for decisions (like switching to Infinite Campus recently) you can do so constructively. Some of you are getting that this is an area where we share and you are open to give us your thoughts. It would just help to know to whom we are talking.

This Blog's for you
We named this blog Your Mansfield ISD for a reason, because it belongs to the district community of parents, students, community, and staff. Your comments are important to us and we appreciate the constructive criticism along with the praise we receive.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that it is interesting that you feel that you need to know "who" your criticism is comming from. Should it really matter? Most of the comments I have read on here are very true. Plus, I'm sure that the people don't want to be targeted when they share honest opinions. I don't feel that what I say as an employee of the district really matters most of the time anyway. Are we asked about changes such as STAR OFFICE (what a joke) or Infinite Campus? No, but we are asked to participate in surveys in order to find a new Superintendent through some company that we are spending how much on???? Isn't someone able to make a good choice on this one and then we could put that $$$$ to better use?