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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Success in School Summit: A Dialogue on Dropout Prevention

Did you know every four minutes a student drops out of a Texas public school? This isn't a problem, this is a crisis.

On Saturday, November 1, Arlington ISD will host The Success in School Summit: A Dialogue on Dropout Prevention.

MISD Superintendent Vernon Newsom will participate in this worthy event to engage the community in discussions and presentations addressing the drop-out crisis.
Saturday, November 1, 2008
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Fielder Road Baptist Church
2011 S. Fielder Road, Arlington Texas
From Dr. MarĂ­a Robledo Montecel, president of the Intercultural Development Research Association:
“It is high time that Texas take a new course...[i]nvestment in change must go beyond discrete dropout prevention programs. It must reflect our full commitment to providing for quality public schools in all neighborhoods for children of all backgrounds.”
Please consider taking action and attend the summit.

Highlights include:
  • The Success in Schools Summit will strengthen existing collaborative efforts relative to drop out prevention.
  • This summit proposes the development of work plans to address three strategic focus areas: Crime; Youth Physical and Mental Health; Youth Focus on the Future.
  • Arlington Human Service Planners will serve as the facilitator/recorder and city, school district and other state and local officials will serve to establish collaborative networks involving key community stakeholders. In addition to the monitoring of action steps and data, Human Service Planners will hold a minimum of two networking sessions annually around the strategic focus areas.
  • The City of Arlington Mayor and Superintendents from AISD and MISD have given their full support to the summit.
  • The summit will have representation from a variety of representatives and stakeholders such as but not limited to: Mayor, City Council, City Manager’s Office, City Agencies, Arlington Human Service Planners, Youth, Corporate Representatives, Education, Nonprofit Partners, Other Elected/Appointed Officials, Faith-Based Organizations

MISD Speakers include:
  • Vernon Newsom, Superintendent
  • Yvonne DaVault - MISD Coordinator of Other Languages
  • Sgt. Greg Minter - MISD Police
MISD is a Partner in the Success in School Summit. Over 40% of MISD students live in the City of Arlington.

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ATG Editors said...

It's interesting to me that MISD participated in this program - and yet when I went to my child's Vice Principal to discuss problems, he suggested I withdraw my senior from MISD and home school her.