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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MISD Minutes - Apple iPod Touch for Pre-K

Before the school year ended, elementary Pre-K students received a head start on the technology learning curve by using Apple iPod touch units in class. This is the first program of its kind in the MISD.

The Details
(from Yvonne Davault, ESL/Bilingual Foreign Language Program Coordinator)

How many?
PreK ~ 63, (3 per PK classroom in the district)

How much $? Approximately $14,500.00 (iTouch, $193.00, shield, $6.88, case, $15.04, 4-unit charging dock, $51.54)

Where did the funds come from? Title III or Limited English Proficiency (LEP) funds

Which campuses? These devices were purchased for all elementary campuses, including Perry, except Boren and Spencer that do hot have PreK.

What was the motivation for this implementation? With the introduction of the new TEA Prekindergarten Technology Guidelines we were perplexed at how to meet the goals for using to extend their knowledge and to enrich their learning of curriculum content and concepts. During one particular meeting, new Superintendent, Dr. Bob Morrison, took out his iPhone and the idea was born. We decided to obtain the Apple iPod touch, which is an iPhone without the phone, and accomplish all these goals and more.

From there we made the purchase, prepared and implemented a six-hour training day for the PreK teachers to receive their iPod touch(es) and training focused using applications specific to early childhood and English Language Learners. The idea was for each PreK class to have a technology center using the iPod touch(es). The day was a huge success! The teachers were excited and prepared to use the devices the very next day.

What's next? We will continue to support our PreK teachers with this project through training and update information as we learn.

Our next "project" is 5th and 8th grade LEP Science students. We have purchased 260 Apple iPod touch devices for the 5th and 8th grade LEP students to help increase their science knowledge through a different a method of learning. Title III monies were also used for this purchase.
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Anonymous said...

Its an iPod Touch, Not an iTouch. Just FYI...

Communications Department said...

Thanks for pointing this out to us. You are correct in the actual name. "iTouch" sort of became a shortened (lazy) reference internally and I guess it sort of stuck.