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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remembering Vernon Newsom

Today I lost a dear friend and mentor. Vernon Newsom was more than just the superintendent of Mansfield ISD. He was a man of integrity. He had a passion for kids and compassion for all of those who had served with him.

I had just attended a superintendent's conference in Minneapolis with him and his wife Nadyne. He was looking forward to exploring the United States while on vacation as well as being back in Mansfield for the naming ceremony of the Vernon Newsom Stadium.

I have many wonderful memories of Mr. Newsom. Please feel free to share any of your memories or stories below.

MISD Superintendent

Mr. Newsom, who recently retired from the District, died July 22 from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident while vacationing in South Dakota with his wife.

The MISD Community is invited to share any thoughts and or memories you would like to leave in the comments below.


Alaina Furgerson said...

My daughter recvd. the Star award in 4th grade and we met Mr. Newsom then... it's so sad he didn't have much time to enjoy his retirement. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family...
The Furgersons

Clayton Claunch said...

He remembered my name.

I only spoke with Mr. Newsom on a handful of occassions over the past few years; and even with the abundant growth Mansfield has seen the most impressive thing to me about Mr. Newsom, aside from his integrity and quiet strength, is the fact that he took the time and effort to remember the name of a science and technology teacher at an Intermediate Campus.

Wow! The Superintendent remembered my name.

Mark Littleton said...

Vernon Newsome was great friend and educator. He will be greatly missed, and fondly remembered. The world is a little more lonely today.

Claud W Estes III said...

Upon hearing of the loss of Mr. Newson it deeply saddened us. Mr. Newsom has been a staple in this community for a very long time from being our principal. To being Superintendant for our children, and many others in our family. Many memories will be remembered, and held in our thoughts forever. We are praying for the entire family for your strength through this difficult situation.

Our heart felt sorrows,
Claud, Daniel, Daniel Jr. and Colby Estes, Jo Carol Dugger, Ann Martin, and Christopher Jones

Gail (but you can call me G) said...

I had the distinct pleasure of working for the MISD Education Foundation from 2001 to 2004, and as such had frequent contact with Mr. Newsom as a member of our Board. He was a kind, thoughtful, quietly confident man who inspired confidence in others. He always treated me with the utmost kindness and respect, never like I was just another secretary. His formner assistant Judy was a very old friend of mine, and she thought the world of him as well. I never met a person in the district during my time there that did not have the highest opinion of Mr. Newsom. He exhibited integrity, dignity, passion for education, and a great sense of humor. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his untimely death, just as he was beginning his retirement. My prayers go out to his family and especially for his wife Nadyne, whom I met on a few occasions. I cannot fathom the heartbreak and shock this family is experiencing, and I am sure the MISD family is reeling from this awful news as well. Mr. Newsom was a rare breed of administrator, and his legacy at MISD will live on in the hearts of those whose lives he touched.

Anonymous said...

We had the pleasure of knowing and working with Vernon since his early coaching days in Mansfield. He was a Christian man of integrity, moral values and love of people. It saddens us greatly hear of his passing. Our prayers are with Nadyne and the family in this difficult situation.

Ken and Bertha Barnett

Kristen said...

This is shocking and so sad. Mr. Newsom was a great leader; he was admired and respected by all district employees.

Liz Haas said...

Rest in peace Mr. Newsom. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Newsom family during these hard times.

Stacey Dudzinski said...

I met Mr. Newsom while working in the MISD Communications Office. He indeed was a great man to work for and to work with.

One evening after a board meeting, I was going to my car and discovered 3 raccoons surrounding my car. I quietly walked away and Mr. Newsom saw me and said, 'I thought you were leaving.' I mentioned to him about the raccoons and he laughed and said they were more afraid of me than I was of them. So he walked me back to my car and wouldn't you know it there was not one raccoon in sight. He laughed and said I must have been seeing things and I told him they must have known he was coming.

When I decided to leave communications to become a teacher, Mr. Newsom gave me some great advice that I still follow to this day.

Thank you Mr. Newsome; you will truly be missed.

Bill Tillotson said...

Coach Newsom (deep down, he really liked being called coach) was probably the finest administrator I've ever come across in education. His ability to recall great amounts of detail about budgets, personnel, schedules and all the other details of running a school district always amazed me.

But even moreso than those things was the great love he had of children and education. He truly loved the children of our district and wanted the very best for all of them.

Coach Newsom will be greatly missed - our condolances to his family and hopes and prayers for his wife.

Vicki Everett said...

I worked for the district in the mid-80's for Mr. Newsom at Mansfield High and have since that time not had a better principal. His professional leadership style was greatly admired and it was inspiring to hear that he went on to lead the district as Superintendent. I never worried about the district during those years. He will be greatly missed.

Brandon Chinchilla said...

Mr. Newsom was truly a great man; a man whose leadership I wanted to emulate in my own career. I had the pleasure of playing golf with Mr. Newsom a few years ago in a Mansfield ISD Education Foundation tournament. I had heard he was good, but until I played with him, I realized he was more than good, he was great. Not just in his ability to play golf, but in how he carried himself both professionally and socially. I was a Mansfield student from K-12, but graduated shortly before Mr. Newsom began his tenure as superintendent. I told him that as a former student I appreciated all the work he had done to lead Mansfield ISD from what it was when I was in school into a highly regarded/respected district. True to Mr. Newsom's characteristic of humility, he quickly responded that it wasn't he, but the efforts of his administrators, staff and teachers working together that brought MISD to that point. I learned something that day from Mr. Newsom: Surround yourself with good people who are working towards a common goal and you will be successful.

Thank you Mr. Newsome, for all you have done; you will be missed!

Charlene McCain said...

How I wish that we could cushion the pain the children,grandchildren and family are now experiencing. My daughter, Shawnay, started special education the same year that Mr. Newsome began as Superintendent. He was always available and careful to listen to us. After he started entering his office in the renovated area, he would always wish Shawnay a great school year on one of the first days of school. Sometimes during the summer he would bring his grandchildren to work with him. They would all wave to each other. He scraped ice from the front window of my car one cold day. Shawnay always told the bus drivers which was Mr. Newsom's car so they would not hit it backing up. A couple of months before he retired I told him that he had been a very good neighbor but I was not sure about this new guy. He told me to give him a chance because he was a great man. There are so many memories we have about the great "neighbor" Mr. Newsome was to us. He would always tell Shawnay that her Special Olympic medals were something to be proud of and he knew she could be the best. That is why Shawnay wanted him to have a Special Olympic Unified Partner medal before he retired. We were so happy to be able to present it to him and Dr. Cunningham. We will pray for the comfort of the city. Today it rained, Shawnay said Mansfield is crying. I think she is right.

Anonymous said...

You left me with such fond memories. You were a gentle soul.

Sarah Jandrucko

Anonymous said...

I had the privilage of working under Mr. Newsome as a teacher for 13 years. He is the reason for the success of MISD. And I also got to work with him as a parent. He always said his door was open if you ever needed to speak with him. He was a man of his word. I experienced that about 3 years ago when I went to speak with him about a concern involving my special needs child. He was more than willing to talk to me and took the time to ensure me that she would be taken care of along with all of the other students in the situation.

I also had the chance this past May to experience once again his sense of humor. A few of my fellow teachers and I had been up to a year long prank and asked for his help with the "finale". He was more than willing to play along. And that will be my last memory of him and his wonderful sense of humor. He was laughing, smiling and talking about how he was looking forward to his retirement.

I will continually pray for his family. We will miss him but there is no reason to pray for him now. I know where he is. :) God bless the family. You are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Newsom was a wonderful and kind man who always made time to listen and help with any situation. Education has, indeed, lost a valuable assest.

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of Mr. Newsom being a principal when I was a high school student at MHS. He went far in life and can be an inspiration for us all. I am deeply saddened for the loss of such a great person and praying for his wife and family.

Kelly Frankum Hastings said...

Mansfield ISD was so fortunate to hav Mr. Newsome as our superintendent! I went to high school when Mr. Newsome was the Assistant Principal. While I didn't ever have to "see" him when I was a student, he remembered me (some 15 years later) when I taught in MISD. He was a caring, compassionate leader who sent a strong, positive message wherever he went. He will be greatly missed; his legacy lives!

Kyle McKinzey said...

Needless to say, I was shocked to hear of this tragic news. I taught in Mansfield for 10 years. Even though he probably didn't remember me, when I did speak with him you felt like he did and that he was interested in only what you had to say. He was a very quiet leader that let those around him shine.

Neeper said...

I respected Mr. Newsome, some time we didn' also see "eye to eye" but I considered him to be a fair man and he always would listen to my concerns. I do believe he was dedicaed to the needs and concerns of the students and parents.
The Neeper's

Anonymous said...

"Praising what is lost makes the remembering dear" - Shakespeare.
The moment he shook my hand and welcomed me to the school district back in 1998 during an MTOP meeting, I somehow knew that the handshake was sincere and honest. I will always remember that handshake.

Scipio Igbeare said...

I have taught in Mansfield ISD for 5 years now. I did not have an opportunity to ever sit down with Mr. Newsome one-on-one, but in the contact that I did have with him, he seemed to be a man of substance and integrity.

I send prayers out to his family and friends during this time of loss.

He will always be remembered and will greatly be missed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Newsom's sudden absence leaves a palpable emptiness in our district. How appropriate that today, the day that we heard the news that we lost our beloved leader, the skies grew dark and poured unforcasted rain upon Mansfield for almost the entire day. Heaven knows our loss.

Mr. Newsom was the epitome of a truly great leader, and more importantly, a great MAN; he had built such loyalty with his employees, students and parents that we gladly followed in whatever direction he thought we should head. I remember speaking with him several times, the most memorable being the day that he spent at our campus eating lunch with the teachers (just to build rapport with us "little people", although he never made us feel that way and was quick to share that his beloved wife was also a teacher).

I am grateful that I was able to visit with him in May, shook his hand and thanked him for his outstanding leadership. Although we think his leaving us is untimely, I am so glad that Mr. Newsom lived to see the "good-byes" and "thank-you's" upon his retirement, and that he also enjoyed the great honor of having our beautiful stadium named in his honor. I am also thankful that he left this world doing something that he loved.

Mr. Newsom, you are and forever will be Mansfield ISD, and we will carry your vision of educational excellence, wry sense of humor, and quiet strength with us. God bless you and your family, and thank you, "Vern", for all that you have been for us. We are better because we knew you.

Michele Henry DeLotto said...

While it's difficult to capture more than thirty years of knowing someone, here's what I learned from Vernon:

He took a group of us rowdy student council members to meet their counterparts at Mr. Newsom's brother's school in Gustine. When the students came here, they were surprised we didn't ride horses to school. Lesson learned: Be gracious to everyone.

He gave me my first teaching job right out of college. I had been gone from MHS for a whopping 4 years, and he believed in me enough to give me a real paycheck.
Lessons learned: Past efforts matter. Take a chance on someone.

When he told the faculty and staff he was resigning as MHS principal, we cried. Lesson learned: Cultivate loyalty by example.

Vernon was staid, steady, and reliable, but one always caught a glimpse of mischief in his eyes.
Lesson learned: It never hurts to keep people guessing.

We'll see you soon, Vernon. Tell R.L. hello from us.

Anonymous said...

A well rounded, energetic administrator who was well liked and treated everyone as being important when he met them. I am truly sorry to hear about this tragedy. I will pray for his wife and family.

Scotty Lingo said...

Words cannot describe the feelings of the Newsom family, the MISD family nor the Mansfield community with this tragic, untimely loss.
I have many fond memories of Mr. Newsom from the ten years I served the District. He was a very ambitious Superintendent and lead the MISD to the District it is today from the small district it was in '96. He assembled a team of leaders that allowed it to thrive, and retired from the district ensuring strong leaders were in place to continue his legacy.
Our hearts go out to Nadyne and their family and we are praying for her recovery.
God Speed, "Uncle Vernon".

Scotty Lingo

Kellye said...

The Mansfield High School Science Department would like to extend it's most sincere and deepest sympathies to the Newsom family. Our prayers also go up for the recovery of Mrs. Newsom during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

what a sad day for me-to learn that i had lost a friend, a classmate, a teammate. I just wanted to let everyone know that Vernon gained much of his ability from a small school in west Texas that had good teachers, administrators, and coaches and he carried it forward to a very large school and was very successful. I will miss seeing him at the state basketball tournaments. I will miss him at class reunions. I will miss him dearly. Michael Hoch Class of 1966 Garden City High School Glasscock Co. I.S.D.

Anonymous said...

I came to know Mr. Newsom on a more personal level when I had his granddaughter in my class. He was a gracious, loving man. Mrs. Newsom let me know that he did not come to the first "Meet the Teacher" night because he did not want the teachers to be intimidated. That, in itself, showed me what a kindhearted person he was. Whenever his granddaughter did something cute, I would pass it on to him via email, and in his reply, he would always mention just how much he loved his grandchildren. In addition, he always expressed gratitude for the job we had of teaching children. He was someone we, as teachers, truly respected and loved. I am deeply sorry for the family, and I hope that they can gain comfort in knowing that he was an exceptional man who had a positive impact on many.

Anonymous said...

During a Q & A session with a demographer at a board meeting Mr. Newsom demonstrated his understanding of our growing community. The questions for the demographer were centered around the amount of multi-family dwellings that were to be expected in the coming years. Mr. Newsom leaned toward the microphone and calmly reminded everyone of another successful district that serves mostly students from multi-family dwellings. Mr. Newsom served all students, even the ones who had not moved here yet.

Pops said...

I am saddened by the passing of a great person, a great part of the Mansfield community and someone who I am proud to say was a great friend. I am hoping for a full and speedy recovery for Nadyne. My thoughts and prayers are with all the Newsoms.

Dan Phillips

Anonymous said...

Being a graduate of the MHS class of 1984 - I was deeply sadened today to learn of Mr. Newsom's passing. He definitely is one of a kind and will be greatly missed. After returing to the area, I was excited that my children would be attending the same schools I had once attended. I knew my children were in excellent hands with Mr. Newsom's guidance of the schools and all he has accomplished for this community. Mr. Newsom, you will be greatly missed. R.L. is being joined by an amazing man, husband, friend, grandfather and leader.

Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to the Newsom family. He left a great mark on our community and will be missed!

Chaplain Detra Carmichael said...

After a long day of events, I just settled in to review emails and respond to phone messages only to find out that one of Mansfield's Pioneers has gone on to the final Graduation...It was an incredulous honor to have served on the committee re-zoning MISD high schools in preparation for the opening of Legacy H.S. along with Dr. Morrison and others,during 2006. Just having the opportunity to share a smile and a kind word with Supt. Newsome was indeed a great privilege.

Our prayers are for his family, close friends, students and those whom he has impacted on his way to Graduation. Chaplain Detra Carmichael and son Dennis Gardner-Timberview'07

Constable Clint Burgess said...

A few months ago, It was hard to see such a remarkable man retire from the Mansfield School District.
Under his leadership this district has grown beyong our imagination and became the example of greatness across Texas.

The most amazing thing about Vernon was his devotion to this district. He gave so much to so many people. No matter how much he was consumed by work, he always made time for additional community outreach programs.

Vernon was a true pioneer in this city. It is so fitting to have the stadium named after a man of this calibier. We will all miss Vernon Newsom. Thank you for your friendship and love for Mansfield. I will miss you a great deal my friend.
Constable Clint Burgess
Tarrant County Precinct 7

bruce-karen said...

I was very saddened by the news of Vernon Newsom's passing, but, I know he is with our Lord and the Angels in heaven, just like my Mother is. I worked for MISD Child Nutrition in 2002 preparing and serving lunches in the school cafeterias. I remember the first convacation,(I called it a Pep Rally), that I attended and I heard Mr. Newsom speak. He was such a kind, respectful, and inspiring man and he will be greatly missed. I also remember that same day that I was sitting towards the back and I could not see his face very well, however, I would swear that he looked just like George W. Bush!! Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Nadyne and his entire family.

Karen, Bryan, Rachel Bruce

Juda said...

In reading the many remembrancies of others, I see that Vernon continued in his life all that we saw and felt from his home school, Garden City Texas. He left a footprint in the hearts and minds of all that new him, and even met briefly.
Lord, please lift up this community and family and give them peace and strength.
Schoolmate, Juda McKinney Class of 1965

Judy Soriano said...

Mr. Newsome brought a steady, calm demeanor to the leadership of the Mansfield school district. After being hired, slowly but surely, he began to do the behind-the-scenes hard work that is usually the key to success in any endeavor; and sure enough, as the district grew, he and his staff were ready to meet the challenges of a burgeoning district.
He was a modest man who knew the importance of integrity and hard work. We can all learn from him.

Riley Chandler said...

Vernon was my claasmate through high school in the smaill town of Garden City (our graduating class had, if I can remember, 21) away out in west Texas. Vernon was tenacious in his want for life. I knew his mother and father and his want for something better came from them. He took the reins that his dad gave him and directed his life accordingly. It was just a couple of months ago I had the pleasure of having lunch with Vernon and our high school football couch, Jack Woodley. He was so very proud of the school, its employees, and the people of Mansfield. He even gave us the grand tour of the new sports facility. We had planned to do the same in the near future, but now, I can rely on my memories of him. Vernon was a great friend of mine and I will dearly miss him. Now you can rest #25. Riley Chandler #18, class of 1966.

Anonymous said...

Mr. honorable man and a gentle soul. He will truly be missed. My prayers go out to the family.

Jenny Heuer

Anonymous said...

Honest. Tenacious. Giving. I can only hope such words are spoken of me when I leave this world. He was and is someone we should all aspire to be.
Sharon Guthrie

Christal Logan said...

I worked under Mr. Newsom as a teacher in the district. I remember getting a clear sense of a man who loved the Lord our God and demonstrated it by his actions. As we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Mr. Newsom, I thank God for directing his paths as an educator/administrator who was in charge of God's most precious (the children). May he now rest in the peaceful presence of the Lord.

Dempsy Winans said...

One of my fondest memories of Vernon was when he surprised me with a "Heartbeat Team" award. I had no idea whatsoever that it was happening and was sitting in a meeting when in walked Vernon with a big basket of goodies in his hand and he began to tell me what was going on. I felt SO honored to have the man at the very top of our organization take the time to make me feel important to the educational process. That's the way Vernon was, he made people feel important, even those of in support positions with the district.

While I deeply mourn his passing, I can't help but think of how fortunate he was. Vernon was living his life fully, he was touring our great nation, spending high-quality time with his wife, he had no financial worries, no significant health issues and was enjoying the rewards of a lifetime of self-sacrifice and could hold his head high with well deserved pride.

God rest his soul and help Nadyne and his family get through this terribly difficult time.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the Newsom family. Mr Newsom was a wonderful man and had a great love for all the children of the MISD. I had the honor of working with him thru the band programs. Thank you for all you did for the children of the district but especially for the band programs.
Sybil Stansell and Family

Amy Rejcek said...

I had the privilege of working for Mr. Newsom as his secretary for almost 2 years. He was one of the most kind, and without a doubt, caring people I’ve known. When I first came to Mansfield ISD as an employee 5 years ago I remember thinking in awe, “now this is a very respected man”. When he spoke, people listened. His words of wisdom and calming influence among all were part of what made him such a great leader. He will be extremely missed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Newsom family.

rickschneider said...

Vernon Newsome was an absolute rarity. He was bright, humble, sensitive, and a tremendous leader. His sense of humor was abundant. Mr. Newsome is one of those rare individuals and leaders that we may only meet once or twice in a lifetime. His loss will not only be felt in Mansfield but across the state of Texas.
Rick Schneider
Retired Supt.-Pasadena ISD

Anonymous said...

One day, while Mr. Newsom was pricipal at Mansfield High, I disgustedly got up and left the classroom of a teacher who would force any student who got caught chewing gum to crawl across the floor (with the gum on their nose,) barking like a dog. I just thought it was wrong. I walked to Mr. Newsom's office and asked to speak with him. I fully expected him to sternly send me back to class, but he just sat there and actually listened to me. When I was done, he looked me in the eyes and said he respected me and my thoughts about the issue. He said he would talk to this teacher, and he did. That teacher never ever punished gum chewers the same way again, and I got transferred to another class. The point is this: after my childhood of abuse and neglect, it blew a new vista into my mind and heart that this man would listen to me and take my feelings into account during a decade when few would or did. I have never forgotten his generosity of spirit, or the way he retored a certain dignity to me in all of fifteen minutes. A total class act all the way.
May God Almighty bless and keep his family until they can all be together again.
With gratitude and sympathy,
Marcella Moy, known then as Marce Johnson, MHS class of 1984

Katherine said...

There are many wonderful things to remember about Mr. Newson but one that stands out is his desire to do what was best for the students and staff, regardless of how the general public would view the decision. Prayers for healing and sympathy to the Newsom family and well as the community.

Katherine Freeman
Former parent in MISD

jimcockrell said...

Today, the characteristics of strong character, visionary leadership, and an aura that instilled confidence and commitment in all those around him, come to the forefront of our thoughts as Melody and I join our community in mourning the passing of Vernon Newsom. I was an administrator with MISD when Vernon Newsom was hired. I remember those turbulent times, the failed bond programs, and the daunting challenges that faced anyone stepping into the role of superintendent. It required someone who could pull together factions within the community… who could create a vision that educators, parents, and students could support with enthusiasm. I know of few others who could have led this district with such success. I have always believed that God often places the right man in the right place, at the right time, and that belief has been affirmed by the manner in which Vernon Newsom not only led this district, but lived his life. I take comfort in knowing that people like Vernon Newsom have a wonderful reward awaiting them when their task on earth is complete. Our prayer is that the Spirit of God will bring peace, comfort, and healing to the Newsom family during this very difficult time.

Jim & Melody Cockrell & family

Anonymous said...

This community has suffered its greatest loss. I am reeling with sorrow at the passing of this great visionary, this man of immense wisdom and quiet effectiveness. His most dry and keen sense of humor will be missed as will that devout "West Texas" quality. I worked with Mr. Newsom on so many projects since he was hired as out superintendent and I will miss him dearly. He was able to land me soundly on board with many of his ideas and it was a most profound pleasure to accomplish alongside him. I mourn for his family and pray that time will be kind in allowing them peace in his beautiful memory. May Our Lord be with all of you and comfort you in His loving arms. In deepest sympathy,

Michele Purgason

Anonymous said...

I’ve been privileged to have worked in MISD during Mr. Newsom’s complete tenure as Superintendent. Prior to his arrival, the district had experienced difficulties, but it was clear early on that Mr. Newsom would bring stability. I only had occasion to speak with him personally a handful of times each year, but I always found him genuine and cordial. As an administrator, he continually impressed me over time with his grasp of the advancing complexities of MISD. His humble background and gentle nature concealed his intelligence and tenacity. We can all learn so much from his example, both professionally and personally. The man was simply above all reproach. A class act.

I am stunned, saddened, and perhaps a little bit angry that he was taken from this world in such a tragic manner. If ever there was a man who deserved to “ride off into the sunset” and just enjoy some time to himself, it was Vernon Newsom. He was headed toward a golden time in his life, surrounded by his wife, sons, and granddaughters, in a place he helped shape, with the ability to share his vast knowledge through Tarleton State. For that to have been taken away…well, it just “punches me in the gut.” My thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family, that time may heal this massive wound, and that they may find peace in the realization that he is in a better place now, looking out for all of them. For the MISD and the community, I hope that we might all honor his memory by conducting ourselves worthy of his example.

Peter Ponce

Anonymous said...

I was stunned and so very sad to hear the news of Mr. Newsom's death. He frequently visited my classroom and spoke with my kids about "What made his life a success." He would always begin with his background and talk about how important his family and faith were- that is what got him "through the rough times" he would say. But the main lesson he would leave with my classes is that everyone should find "Their own personal motivator- someone or something that will make you be the very best you can be!" Well, Mr. Newsom, you were one of my top personal motivators! You will be missed by so many. Thanks for taking a chance and believing in so many of us. Many prayers are for Mrs. Newsom and I am sure the Lord is saying, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know he was looking forward to spending time with his family. Remember all the love you shared.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to express in words the loss of Vernon Newsom. He was a terrific school leader, but even better man. He always made time for the most important thing in life... the needs of others. He will be forever remembered in MISD and Texas Education as a role-model, mentor and above all loving individual who always wanted what was best for kids. May God Bless the Newsom family and freinds during this very difficult time.
John Craft

Anonymous said...

Mr. Newsome made a difference in my life. He gave me wings....I will always remember him with great fondness.

Yvonne Davault

Diann Whaley said...

Vernon Newsome was the principal of Mansfield HS when I did my student teaching in 1983 and later gave me my first full time teaching job in 1985. In the four years I taught at Mansfield HS, Mr. Newsome was the model principal. He was visible to students, parents, and teachers throughout the day; always friendly, but professional; very proud of the students and faculty, and one of the calmest educators I have ever been around. When he left for the Austin area, the whole school felt an enormous loss, but Mr. Newsom kept his word and returned to lead the district several years later. His accomplishments as a Mansfield graduate, teacher/coach, and adminsitrator stand as testimony to what a wonderful, compassionate, and intelligent man he was. Mansfield ISD has lost one of its greatest education champions. My sincerest condolences to the entire Mansfield IDS family.
Diann Whaley
Arlington ISD

Anonymous said...

Mr. Newsome always had a kind word to say. He was a dedicated educator and am proud to have known him as a student as well as a teacher in MISD.
I can remember being in high school and seeing him walk around the old MHS on walnut his "coaching pants". He always had a smile on his face. He had a great sense of humor at the faculty award banquets as well. He would always take the jokes with a smile. He will truly be missed. Newsome family - you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your husband, father, & grandfather with MISD for all these years. It wouldn't be what it is today without him and your support!
Melissa Eastman

Kim Stolley Bacchus said...

Coach Newsom was a wonderful man. He was my principal at MHS in 1980. My children attend MISD now and after a rather heated meeting about the boundaries of Legacy High School, I told him, "I don't know what they pay you but I'm sure it's not enough!" He handled all situations with leadership and grace. His legacy will live on in the children of MISD! Godspeed Coach

Liz said...

Words are difficult at a time such as this. Mr. Newsom was a decent, dedicated and honorable man, and I feel blessed to have known him.
My most cherished memories will always be of Mr. Newsom with the Superintendent's Star Award Students and of his skits with the Employee Reception. Mr. Newsom touched many lives, and will be truly missed.
My prayers are with Nadyne, his sons, granddaughters and family.

Jason Short said...

Just last Tuesday, I sat down and had lunch with Asa Low. The topic of conversation eventually went to Mr. Newsom (who was an Assistant Principal & a coach when Mr. Low started his career at MHS). Mr. Low spoke of Mr.Newsom's dedication to kids and this school district, but also about Mr. Newsom's character. Mr. Low ended our discussion about Mr. Newsom simply with this..."he is a good, good man." Over my time here in MISD I have had many similar conversations with several people within the Mansfield Community. I personally remember conversations with Mr. Newsom that, in essence, were him discussing how to best serve our kids as a district. But what I remember most about Mr. Newsom is him asking me about my kids, what do I like to do for fun, what books do I like to read, etc...He always seemed to be more interested in talking about me than talking about him. Sometimes these conversations were after an evening meeting that did not end until after 9. But he never seemed to be in hurry and always had time to visit. Mr. Newsom's genuine, sincere interest in people, kids and adults, is what I remember most about him.

Anonymous said...

I was deeply saddened to hear of Mr. Newsom's sudden death. Just when he was finally able to spend some time with his wife and enjoy his retirement, he was taken too soon. I will remember Mr. Newsom as being one that truly listened to what everyone had to say and consider their suggestions. I fought hard on one of the bond packages and went before Mr. Newsom and the Board of Trustees and suggested that the career tech center be removed and that the building of a new Erma Nash be put in it's place. After many meetings and reviews, Mr. Newsom asked that the bond package be re-written. With that change, the bond passed. He told me that he believed the bond might not have passed if the career tech center had stayed in the package and he agreed that the aging Erma Nash needed a new campus. He even kept me involved on the building of the new Erma Nash. He cared, he listened, he was deeply respected by this community and the students were his number one priority. As a parent and a former MISD employee, it was my honor to know him, work with him and to shake his hand. He will truly be missed. He was a legacy to Mansfield and there will never be another man as dedicated as Vernon Newsom. My prayers are with his family.

Tamara Cain

Anonymous said...

A good person makes those around him better. A great person positively affects even those not close to him. Our District, our Community, our State and all of us as individuals are better for having Vernon Newsom as one of us.

We miss you, Mr. Newsom, and always will. Godspeed.

Gale & Rene' Moericke

Diane "Fowler" Melton said...

Vernon you were a great friend and classmate. My memories of you were of a kind and gentle person both in school and later in life. It doesn't seem possible you have left the "Great Class of 1966", but you can be sure you will always be in my heart and memories. I am so thankful that I got to see and visit with you at our last class reunion in 2008. Prayers to your wife, boys and granddaughters through this difficult time. Diane "Fowler" Melton

Rep. Chris Turner said...

I am shocked and saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Vernon Newsom. Mr. Newsom was not only a pioneering leader in education who oversaw the tremendous growth of the Mansfield school district, he was an incredibly decent man who cared deeply about his community and the students in his care.

All of us who have had children educated in MISD schools owe a profound debt of gratitude to Mr. Newsom for his leadership and dedication. Lisa and I are praying that Nadyne Newsom recovers fully from her injuries and our thoughts are with the Newsom family and the entire MISD community at this difficult time.

Terry Morawski said...

When Johnny Cash died, Bob Dylan said Cash "was and is the North Star. You can steer your ship by him."
This is the way I feel about Vernon Newsom. He was a great man, and I feel lucky to have known him. Take care, boss.

Anonymous said...

It is still hard for me to believe...maybe because I don't want to believe it. I enjoyed working for Mr. Newsom as well as playing golf with him...well maybe not golf, he was such a good golfer it was nerve racking playing on his team, much like work, you did not want to disappoint him with a bad shot. Even when you did, he picked you up and steered you in the right direction. One of best friends met Mr. Newsom several months ago, only once and only for a short time. When I told about Mr. Newsom's accident he was truly saddened, he said, "I only met and talked with the man for less than an hour, but in that hour he made me feel like he had known me all my life." To me that is what was exemplary about Mr. Newsom, he made us all feel that way, like everything we had going on was important to him as well. I am going to miss him more than words can even come close to describing...

H. John and Gayle Fuller said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Newsom family, especially with Nadyne. Vernon made a difference in public education both locally and statewide. His service to the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and his legacy of doing what is best for students will long be remembered.

Vernon was a great public school administrator, a colleague, and a friend. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

You were a great tennis coach! I have had a crush on you for 35 years(since I was 15 years old)! Thank you for letting us cheerleaders do what we wanted to do at the pep rallies because we had so much fun. Also, thank you for my current teaching position at Wester Middle School. You will be greatly missed.

Michelle Couch said...

I was truly saddened by the news of Mr. Newsom's death. I worked for MISD for 10 years and was glad to know such a dedicated educator/administrator. He helped the district as it started to grow rapidly and was never to busy to listen. He will be missed by the Mansfield community. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this very difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Newsom was a good man. It was an honor to know him. His commitment to meeting the needs of kids made him an exceptional leader. It is moving to read these comments and learn more about how he touched the lives of so many people in such positive ways. He will be missed.

Debbie Wooten said...

Thank you Mr.Newsom for all the great memories you have left this district.You will be truly missed by all.Nadyne you will be in our prayers everyday for a full recovery.Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

To the Newsom Family,
We are praying for your peace and strength during this very difficult time. Because I know that you are a family of faith, you can know that your best memories with your husband / dad, grandpa / brother are AHEAD of you. Thank you for sharing Vernon with us. He inspired all of us to be better.
The Adkins Family

Barbra Anderson said...

A fond memory of Mr. Newsom is from the MISD Education Foundation grant delivery or "prize patrol." The Foundation board of directors, administrators, PTA reps and community members go to the classroom to deliver grants to the teachers in a very festive fashion. When we would collectively give a grant to a teacher, I will always remember how Mr. Newsom would stay behind in the classroom, after the fanfare died down, to personally congratulate every teacher - either hug or shake his or her hand. He had a great, humble, honorable way of making everyone feel very special.

Anonymous said...

“An Outsider’s Opinion”
I never met Vernon Newsom; but,
It appears to me that Mr. Newsom Lead By Example; and,
With a demeanor and gravitas which quietly said:
“Follow Me.”
It is obvious that:
He: i.) successfully Prepared MISD, (with its several & disparate political, geographic and societal elements, which he lead into commonweal,) for the 21st Century, (all the while properly educating the then students,) and, then, ii.) lead Mansfield Independent School District Into The 21st Century.
He was the right man in the right place during two centuries.
Twice in the 20th Century; and,
Once during & for the nine first critical years of the 21st Century.
It is obvious that during his tenure He saw to it that the Life Cups (of Human Morale,) of His Coterie of Cohorts were viewed, at minimum, as half-full, (of jois de vivre,); and seldom perceived as half-empty.
Thus, and like him, most, if not all of the teachers and educators that he lead and inspired could not bear TO NOT “Stoop to help a child.”
It is easy to observe that Mr. Newsom stood tall and exemplified dedication; and that
when he stooped, it was to either conquer ignorance or help a child, or both.
Alice Ponder and Erma Nash were dedicated teachers, (and, yes, “Country School Marms;”)
Each would have gloried in and loved The Country Boy from Garden City, Texas,

By A Student of Alice Ponder, at Mansfield School, ca Fall 1944
(who has watched, observed, listened and read)

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Vernon was an integral part of our administration when Wimberley formed its own school district many years ago. He was definitely a man of integrity. I was proud to work with him while I was on the school board. God Bless..

Shelia Favor said...

My husband and I knew Vernon and Nadyne as a couple in church before I ever knew him as an administrator. Then, having worked for the school system for over 13 years now, I saw him in a different light, as a person who always had a smile on his face and always put the children first. We will not ever know till we are in heaven what God’s divine plan is, but Vernon knew Christ and that is what matters for eternity. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...


Death is nothing at all—

I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I and you are you;
Whatever we were to each other, that we are still.

Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the easy way you always used;
Put no difference into your tone,
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed--
At the little jokes we always enjoyed together!
Play, smile, think of me . . . pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was-
Let it be spoken without effort--
Without the ghost of a shadow upon it.
Life means all that it ever meant;
It is the same as it ever was.
There is absolute unbroken continuity . . .
What is death but a negligible accident?
Why should I be out of mind--
Because I am out of sight?
I am just waiting for you-- for an interval
Somewhere very near, just around the corner.
All is well.
Nothing is past; nothing is lost--
One brief moment and all will be as it was before.
How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again!
Canon Henry Scott-Holland, 1847-1918, Canon of St Paul's Cathedral

Aurora LeBrun said...

I had the pleasure of working with Vernon when he was the Superintendent at Wimberley Independent School District and I was a board member. I was very sad to hear of his death, especially so quickly after his retirement. I hated losing him but knew this was a good decision for his career. He was an excellent superintendent and guided our district through so very challenging times. He was a man of integrity and great faith.

Christine said...

Mr. Newsom was my high school principal. I hadn't seen him in more years than I care to comment when I began working in the district 10 years ago. He immediately remembered me and my husband-whom he had the pleasure of dealing a few licks to in his time! It was amazing to me that he remembered us after all that time. He was a genuine individual and I will miss him greatly. He had a passion for kids and this district. I only wish he would have had time to enjoy his retirement. It seems ironic that he gave so much of his own time to others and had so little time to enjoy his own time.