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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inclement Weather Procedures

In keeping with our desire to keep the community informed of some of the behind-the-scenes procedures of general interest, the Administration would like you to be aware of our procedures and preparations relating to weather-related issues.

When bad weather is predicted, administrators pay close attention to forecasts, stay in close contact with neighboring district administrators, and work in coordination with transportation to keep bus drivers on standby in case of early school closings or bus route delays.

During a typical springtime-like weather event (i.e. tornado or severe thunderstorms), Mansfield ISD will take measures to keep students and staff safe:

  • MISD will keep students safely in the building until inclement weather passes;
  • Safe places have been established for each MISD campus and building, students and staff will gather in these safe places;
  • MISD Police stays in constant communication with local emergency services and advises campus administrators when the need arises to implement school procedures such as duck and cover, red alert, and shelter in place (lockdown);
  • Any buses in the immediate area of inclement weather will be stopped at the nearest school, and the students will be kept in that campus until the danger passes;
  • Since the district covers 94.5 square miles, measures will be taken based on the needs of only the affected campus(es).

Before the school day: The decision to cancel a school day will be made by the district administration as early as possible and the radio and TV stations listed on the weather information page will be notified. They, in turn, will help us announce the closure along with the rest of our communication efforts.

During the school day: If a significant weather event occurs while school is in session, campus administrators are the assigned decision-makers for appropriate action as need to ensure the safety of students and staff. Campus administrators stay in contact with MISD Police and District Administrators to help make the best informed decisions for their school.

Please do NOT call school offices or teachers for such information. Weather and road conditions can vary greatly from area to area. As a result, parents are the decision-makers on whether or not their students will attend school. Parents need to notify the school office if student will not be in school or if they should be dismissed early due to weather conditions.

Mansfield ISD conducts routine drills to reinforce proper weather procedures. Just like when inclement winter conditions occur, weather severity and road conditions can vary greatly from area to area so we plan and adjust accordingly.

As always, your patience is greatly appreciated during these times as we work to keep students and staff safe.

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