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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumor Mill: Rezoning, Renaming, Rescheduling

It's been a while since we shared a post related to some of the rumors that float around the District community. Here are a few rumors that got our attention and are worth clearing up:

Rumor #1: Decisions have already been made for high school attendance zones and moving specific middle school zones around.

False - No process has started for High School rezoning. However, we will seek help from community for an Attendance Zone Committee in November/December for Nancy Neal Elementary that will open Fall 2011. (Dr. Morrison addresses the Neal Elementary attendance zone process in his September Superintendent Update video.)

We'll start the attendance zone process for High School #5 next year ahead of that school's 2012 opening.

Rumor #2: Ben Barber Career Tech Academy was renamed, "Frontier High School"

False - These are two different campus. Frontier HS was opened this fall as a school within a school located at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy. A little over 200 juniors are taking classes as Froniter HS students. Students from our four traditional high schools still benefit from taking career and technology courses at BBCTA going to and from their home campus.

Rumor #3: The middle school bell schedule is set to change next year.

Possibly True - This one was a bit premature. A proposed adjustment to the Master Schedule has been brought forth by the middle school principals. This could be a change to the block periods. However, the change has not been presented to the School Board. This will happen in October, and then they would have to accept the proposal before it could go in effect next year. Please note, the bell schedule start and end times would remain the same.

We hope this helps alleviate any concern that might exist. Send us your Rumor Mill items and we'll look into them here. You can send us one by commenting on this post or via email.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this! I have "heard" several people talking about the rezoning for HS #5. I would just like to comment that I would hope that no rezoning of the Middle Schools will be required for this. Also, we should not only look at maps but maily use common sense when rezoning. I think the less changes to Middle Schools the better.
Also, just a comment from a MS parent. Making the start time 8:30 instead of 8:45 and end time 3:45 would be great. There is just a huge gap picking up kids I feel like I spend at least 30 min waiting for MS to release. Fifteen minutes would make a world of difference and they won't be getting home so late still having to do homework along with any after school activities. Just a thought. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I too have heard all of the posted rumors. I have also seen the proposed MS master schedule, and it concerns me greatly. 45 minute classes, 3 days a week broken up by 2 days of 90 minute classes in the middle of the week? Sounds like mass chaos, with middle school kids no less. Just choose periods or blocks, please.

Anonymous said...

to the above comment regarding MS master schedule. Before you form an opinion please make sure you get all the information and it might be a good idea to look at all the benefits of the proposed schedule. It would greatly benefit what the middle school programs that are already in place and the core value of the middle school.

Elise Buchhorn said...

Yes, please do not make judgements regarding the proposed bell schedule for middle school until you talk to middle school students and staff. I worked for four years in a campus that used the proposed schedule in middle school. After teaching 8th grade for 13 years, I am of the opinion the proposed schedule truly will be a positive for you and your children. It allows more contact with content daily and still provides time for advisory twice a week. Students will remain engaged much better in a shorter class period and keeping a once a week block will allow time for the labs and the hands on activities that benefit from the longer class time but isn't needed every day. You as a parent and your children will also have consistency week to week, which is the missing element from our current schedule, but according to research one of the most important items for a middle school student. I believe your students will be more productive, and will retain more of their learning by having the consistency of the proposed bell schedule. Please give it a shot before you complain about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please change the middle school hours! Curious as to the reasoning behind a mix schedule. Does anyone know why? Will the schedule ultimately be instituted for high school and the 5/6 schools too?

Anonymous said...

Where can I see the proposed MS master schedule?

Anonymous said...

As concern parents, we would like to see the MS hours changed and know the answers to the last comments stated on September 27th. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood why the high schoolers have to be to school so early. Everyone knows teenagers need more sleep than anyone. The elementary school kids are already used to getting up early; a lot of them because of their time in daycare. I have 2 high school kids and have been with MISD since the oldest was in 2nd grade. When they were in those younger grades they had way too much time to goof off in the mornings. Teenagers would spend their extra time asleep. I've always felt that 7:15 is way too early for these kids. If you are worried they will be up too late doing 'bad things'- create a curfew. But at least bump them to 8:00 am. When I was in high school it was 8:00 to 3:15 and it was perfect for a teenager.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with having the start time for high school students moved to 8:00. It's proven that high schools with later start times have better scores than those with earlier arrival times. Agreed also that elementary kids are used to getting up earlier plus they typically go to bed way earlier than high school kids anyway.