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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ben Barber's 'Bikes for Angels' campaign featured on local news station

The annual Bikes for Angels campaign at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy was featured earlier today during a segment entitled 'Our Neighbors' on WFAA News 8.

The 2010 goal is to purchase 600 bikes to give away to needy children who would otherwise not get bikes for Christmas.

This is just one of the many holiday charity drives in the District. We are working on putting a list together and posting it to the District website of as many as we can share in the next few days.

Our Neighbor: [Ben] Barber Career Tech Academy

If you have any questions about this campaign or would like to support, contact Mr. Rick Curlee at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy via e-mail RickCurlee [at] or by phone at 817-299-1939. If you help the campaign via a check, please make it out to: MISD Auto Tech and put "Bikes for Angels" in the memo of the check. All monies raised during this campaign go to bicycles.

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jim said...

Mr Rick Curlee
I congratulate you for this project.
This project allows your students to develop real pride and to experience the joy of giving.
Nothing else is like the joy of giving.

There are many people in the Mansfield School District who could not afford a bicycle when they were children but can afford one now for a stranger. This project brings out those people.

If you need help with this project, I will do it.

I am
A proud Big Brother
Mr. Jim Curlee

Charla Holman said...

I think it is awesome what Mr. Curlee, Mr. Bishop and the Auto Tech students have done!
The culinary arts students and their teacher did a great job cooking and serving at the dinner/auction. The food was exceedingly delicious! The auction afterward had some great bargains. I just wish more people had come and taken part in it enabling them to purchase more bikes.

Anonymous said...

Simply put....Splendid! U guys Rock!