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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mary Orr Student Council Helps Old Bikes Find New Homes

In these tough economic times, there are endless opportunities to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Although we may be facing financial challenges of our own, there are still many ways we can make a positive impact in the lives’ of others.

The Student Council members of Mary Orr Intermediate demonstrated that vision of goodwill by hosting the “Wheelie Big Bike Drive,” benefitting a local nonprofit organization called Pedal Power.

Pedal Power, whose motto is, “help us put the 'cycle' in recycle,” is based in North Texas and was founded by mountain bike enthusiasts. The volunteer organization is dedicated to collecting, refurbishing and distributing second-hand bicycles to those in need locally and abroad.

The Student Council members of Mary Orr put the pedal to the metal to plan, promote and execute the bike drive. Blake Lindsey, the Student Council sponsor played a key role in the process.

“It was a pleasure for the Student Council to carry out its mission of serving our community and world by working with Pedal Power,” said Student Council sponsor Blake Lindsey. “Their organization is dedicated to helping others both locally and abroad.”

Weeks of hard work culminated on the chilly afternoon of March 5. Despite the brisk breeze, many warm-hearted Mansfield residents came out to support the Student Council students in this worthy cause.

Among the supporters was Principal Alma Martinez, who braved the weather to facilitate the event.

At the close of the event, the students were proud to present a collection of 40 bicycles as well as $100. Congratulations to these students, whose hard work amounted to a “wheelie” generous gesture!