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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Cultural Exchange at Mary Jo Sheppard

Students from Dallas Baptist University (DBU) visited Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary on April 29. The students were part of DBU's international student program and represented six different countries (China, Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan and Korea).

After sharing their customs and culture with the third grade classes, the special guests divided into smaller groups to observe individual classrooms.  After the classroom visits, the international students ate lunch with the fourth grade classes.

"This program is a great way for kids to experience different cultures by learning about their clothing, language, flags and food," said Sheppard Principal Gary Manns.  "It also gives the international students the opportunity to learn about American education."

The event proved to be a powerful learning experience for both the elementary and the college students.

"I'm so glad for the opportunity to meet these children," said one Korean student (pictured above). "I have been in America for seven or eight months and I've never been to a regular elementary school like this."

DBU supports more than 540 international students from over 50 countries. 

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