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Monday, May 2, 2011

District/Campuses No Longer Using Facebook?

Mansfield ISD will no longer host district or campus-level Facebook pages. The open nature of the Facebook commenting feature continues to cause regular disruption and place the district as a liable participant in issues related to sharing of private student information, defamation of employees and other abusive online behavior. In addition, MISD is not able to commit the administrative or campus staff time necessary to adequately moderate user content posted to these pages.

If Facebook changes the settings of their service to allow for comment moderation, the district will reconsider use of the service at that time. Mansfield ISD will continue to use Twitter, blogs, and other online communication tools that do not share these liability issues and are better suited to the school business environment. 

Per our MISD employee handbook, classroom teachers will be able to continue to host information-oriented pages on Facebook. If objectionable content is posted on these teacher pages, the teachers are responsible to delete the material and report it to their supervisor, as necessary. 

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Mansfield ISD.
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