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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Get Healthy Texas' Features Impact of Wellness Campaign

Martha Reid Elementary staff was recently featured by our local CBS affiliate for positive results from a friendly health competition among campuses thanks to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center's District-wide wellness campaign.

MMMC Principals' Fitness Challenge - Martha Reid Elementary health feature [VIDEO],

The wellness campaign started back in October when Methodist Mansfield Medical Center donated 4,000 pedometers to the Mansfield ISD staff as well as sponsored a Principals' Fitness Challenge program to promote the importance of health and fitness. By helping principals and school personnel create a healthier atmosphere for learning and working, Methodist Mansfield Medical Center hoped to create a healthy environment for the community.

“Methodist Mansfield Medical Center is joining forces with Mansfield ISD to promote healthy schools and improve health and academic outcomes,” said President of Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Laura Irvine at the time of the campaign launch. “By providing pedometers and sponsoring the Principals' Fitness Challenge we hope to increase healthy behaviors, encourage healthy role models for students, increase employee morale and promote a positive community image.”

“I want our employees to know we value their health and wellness,” said Dr. Bob Morrison MISD Superintendent of Schools. “If our staff identifies even small ways to improve their health, we'll have accomplished something positive.”

The Principals' Fitness Challenge was designed for campus administrators to voluntarily challenge themselves to a free and simple-to-follow 12-week fitness and wellness program. The goal is to encourage participants to take the first steps towards living a healthier lifestyle by increasing physical activity and improving nutrition. MISD staff members are invited to participate through championing their administrator and even taking the challenges on themselves.

Check out all of the winning campuses and principals from the challenge.