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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lillard Intermediate Receives Military Thanks

Two Mary Lillard Intermediate School teachers, Jill Melchiorre and Vickie Johnson, organized a project back in December in which their students stuffed 65 stockings with donated items to be shipped to the soldiers of Alpha Assault at Camp Marmal, Afghanistan

In January, the campus received a letter of thanks on behalf of the soldiers from the Platoon Leader which reads in part:
"On 04Jan12, Alpha Assault received a surprising delivery of mail, which included three oversized boxes. Immediately, the company operations momentarily ceased and all took part in opening and disseminating the filled stockings...Upon opening the boxes, smiles raced across every one of my Soldier's faces. There are no words that I can express to you to convey how relieving it was to see such an increase in our unit's morale. Since June 2011, my company has conducted 24/7 full-spectrum operations all across Northern Afghanistan. We have received care packages from many other patriots across America, however, no care package delivery ever measured up to the magnitude that you have donated." [Read the full letter below.]

Below: Lillard Intermediate students pose with their stockings for soldiers.