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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coble Middle School Opens College and Career Prep Center

When it comes to preparing for college and the workforce, the students of James Coble Middle School understand it’s never “too early” to get started.

In March, the campus opened the Coyote College and Career Center. The new resource center invites students to learn more about the path to college through research and hands-on activities.

“The vision of the project is to equip students with information that helps prepare them for the future,” said Principal Dr. Charlotte Ford. “We want to provide information about the application process, financial aid, resume-building and all different types of careers.”

Using Ford’s vision as a guide, the campus Counselor, LaMonica Brewington and her Counseling Intern, Jeannita Bussle, worked to gather a rich collection of resources for the students.

“We visited government agencies and we were able to access a ton of free information that helped to build the center,” said Brewington.

Teachers can schedule time for students to visit the center, just as they would for the library or computer lab. So far, Brewington and Bussle have worked with about 150 students, including Aaron Williams, a 7th grader who aspires to become a music producer.

“I know it’s very important to get a good degree,” said Williams. “I’m learning how to prepare for college and the importance of starting good study habits while I’m young.”

The center has several computer stations for students to practice building their resumes and they also spend time filling out sample copies of the Texas Common Application.

In addition to reaching as many Coble students as possible, Ford and her team have an even broader goal for the impact of the center.

“We want people to know that this facility is open to staff, parents and community members as well,” said Bussle. “We will continue to expand this program to assist as many people as we can.”

To learn more about the Coyote College and Career Center, contact the campus directly at 817-299-6400.