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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chemistry help from APE MAN at Jones Middle

Danny Jones Middle School 8th grade students were presented with a challenge to design a T-shirt that reflected their learning of the chemistry unit taught during the first six weeks.

Students were introduced to the acronym APE MAN.

The APE MAN acronym is used to help students remember how to calculate information regarding elements on the periodic table.
Atomic number = # of Protons = # of Electrons
  Mass number
- Atomic number

Then on October 10, 2012 students participated in APE MAN day. Students wore their shirts and attempted to complete a scavenger hunt that consisted of nine challenges such as:
a)    Find five different elements that are metals.
b)    Find three different elements with the same number of valence electrons.
c)    Find two different elements that are metalloids.

APE MAN day was a great success with over 95% participation. Students and teachers enjoyed seeing the creativity and effort that the students put into their shirt design.

Students were asked to reflect on the day. Here are some of the comments from students:
I learned a lot from this project the best part was designing the shirts. Alexis F.
It was fun being able to use my phone at school while learning! Billea H.
I felt as if I was surrounded by paparazzi, it was fun! Everyone participated and whoever didn’t missed out on a fun project. Alex A.
We had fun finding elements similar to ours. Candria C
I love making the shirt. The easiest part was finding the information for my shirt because all I had to do was download a free app about elements. MaKenzie B.