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Thursday, January 24, 2013

DECA students winning with youth movement

Thirty-nine DECA students from Ben Barber Career Tech Academy advance to the 2013 Texas DECA State Career Development Conference after wins at the career development district contest.
The Texas DECA District 7 Competition was held at Lone Star High School in Frisco, TX on January 19. District 7 is the largest district in Texas, where we also have the presiding President, Alexis Holleman from Frontier High School. This year, BBCTA took 46 students and 39 advanced to state competition.

When asked if this number was up or down from previous years, DECA advisor Cathy Slagle noted, "last year we took 56 and 53 won; but we had majority of Seniors; this year we had a majority of 9-11th grade students.

Eleven of the competitors were returning DECA members but the other 28 were new to DECA this year.

"We were so excited about the increase in our 9-11th graders winning and allowing them to have more experience in DECA before graduating from high school," says Slagle. "Most students say 'If I had only known about DECA as a Freshman or Sophomore, I could have had so much more opportunities.' We feel we are finally getting the word out!"

The Texas DECA State Career Development Conference 2013 will be held in Corpus Christi, February 28 through March 3.

2013 District 7 DECA Career Development Conference
Ben Barber DECA Competition Team Winners: 39 Plus a District Officer
AAM: Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series (Individuals not a team)
Victoria Carmichael – 12th grade, Lake Ridge
Edyd Medina – 11th grade, Summit

ADC: Advertising Campaign (1 Team of Three)
Oscar Gonzales – 11th grade, Summit
Alexis Holleman – 12th grade, Frontier
Alexis Walworth – 12th grade, Frontier

BLTDM: Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making (2 Teams Won!)
Iguehita Odomore (Team #1) – 12th grade, Timberview
Joelle Ruhana (Team #1) – 12th grade, Summit
David Brefo (Team #2) – 12th grade, Summit
Mojano Elleh (Team #2) – 12th grade, Summit

BMOR: Buying and Merchandising Operations Research (One Team)
Raegan Arnold – 10th grade, Mansfield
Alexis Noble – 10th grade, Mansfield
Megan Taylor – 10th grade, Mansfield

BTDM: Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making (Two teams)
Anna Kurth (Team #1) – 9th grade, Legacy
Grace Taylor (Team #1) – 9th grade, Legacy
Odufa Atsegbua (Team #2) – 12th grade, Timberview
Ebony Jackson (Team #2) – 12th grade, Timberview

DOFC: District Officer Candidate
Kawter Carver - NEW D7 VICE PRESIDENT – 11th grade, Summit

FLPP:Financial Literacy Promotion Plan (One Team of two)
Jordan Eldridge – 12th grade, Frontier
Brandon Hines – 12th grade, Frontier

FMP: Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan (One Team of Three)
Ashle Colston – 12th grade, Summit
Keri Decay – 12th grade, Summit
Morgan Johnson – 12th grade, Mansfield

FTDM: Financial Services Team Decision Making (Two teams of two) (Both won!)
Andrew Bostic (Team #1) – 12th grade, Timberview
Melany Gonzales (Team #1) – 12th grade, Frontier
Matthew Hogue (Team #2) – 11th grade, Legacy
Cole Stewart-Johnson (Team #2) – 11th grade, Summit

MMS: Marketing Management Series (Individual Event)
Katrina Riley – 12th grade, Timberview

MTDM: Marketing Communication Team Decision Making (Team of two)
Angela Armendariz (Team #1) – 12th grade, Timberview
Michelle Bigirimana (Team #1) – 12th grade, Summit

PBM: Principles of Business Management and Administration (Individual Event)
Jade Odomore – 11th grade, Timberview

PFN: Principles of Finance (Individual Event)
Cory Hughes – 11th grade, Frontier
Asmaa Mohamed – 11th grade, Summit

PHT: Principles of Hospitality and Tourism (Individual Event)
Lauren Mann – 9th grade, Lake Ridge
Donquarius Ross – 12th grade, Summit

PMK: Principles of Marketing (Individual Event)
Justin Aguaze – 11th grade, Lake Ridge
Kawter Carver – 11th grade, Summit
Meagon Jones – 12th grade, Summit
David Ropotusin – 10th grade, Legacy
Chelsea Watkins – 12th grade, Timberview

QSRM: Quick Service Restaurant Management Series (Individual Event)
Ciara Hines – 11th grade, Timberview

RFSM: Restaurant and Food Service Management Series (Individual Event)
Kristin Criswell – 10th grade, Legacy

DECA Advisors: Cathy Slagle, Jennifer Harris, Casey Crow, Debra Permenter, Nancy Kojder, Natalie Franklin

Additional Information: Founded in 1946, the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) has touched the lives of more than 10 million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.