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Friday, March 8, 2013

Perry Elementary students learn about and share with students in Zimbabwe

Earlier this week, Sarah Ewart, a tutor at Annette Perry Elementary School, presented to 2nd - 4th graders at the campus about a special opportunity she'll experience in the coming weeks. Ms. Ewart will travel to a small village in Zimbabwe called Badombe through a nonprofit organization called Buy A Brick to build schools. The village has 320 children between the primary school ages of 6 and 13. Currently 130 students squeeze into a former farmers' warehouse for their schooling, which is unfortunately also a home to a colony of bats. Because there is no room in their current facility, 190 children currently can not attend school.

Badombe Village (Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe)
During March 15-30, the Buy A Brick team will fix their bore hole pump, construct three school blocks, build toilets, an outdoor kitchen, and bath houses for their three teachers.

During the campus presentation, the Annette Perry students compared and contrasted their normal day to a day in the life of a Zimbabwean student. Some of the topics of discussion were breakfast foods, getting to school, school facilities, water availability, local wildlife, and making a positive international impact.

The students ate sugar from sugar cane, saw a normal Zimbabwean outfit, touched a Zimbabwean homemade soccer ball, and enjoyed lots of fun and interesting facts about Zimbabwe. At the end of the presentation the students were encouraged to write letters to the Zimbabwean students that would be placed in supply bags that the Zimbabwean students would receive.

The students asked if they could bring items to put in the supply bags. Within a couple of days the student body donated:
  • 40 bars of soap
  • 200 tubes of toothpaste
  • 70 tooth brushes
  • 16 crayon boxes
  • 155 small toys
  • 120 pens
  • 100 washcloths
  • 180 handwritten letters

"The excitement on the students faces and the compassion in their hearts was inspiring to behold," wrote Sarah Ewart.

The students look forward to reading letters from the Zimbabwean students and seeing pictures of the trip. Through their letters, compassion, and generosity Annette Perry students will impact families and students in Zimbabwe.

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