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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Career tech students pique the curiosity of younger peers

Elementary students from Martha Reid Elementary, Glenn Harmon Elementary, Tarver-Rendon Elementary, Thelma Jones Elementary, and Annette Perry Elementary fast-forward their educational careers by 10 years when they get a glimpse of what Mansfield ISD’s career tech campus has to offer high school students in the district.

Frontier High School seniors will be sharing the experience at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy with almost 500 elementary students during the month of May. The focus of the tours range from a GT enrichment program called “Food Fuels the Mind” to career exploration and discovery program for entire grade levels. The reputation of this experience available within our district travels fast. It all started with Glenn Harmon Elementary 3rd and 4th grade and the Tarver-Rendon GT program.

"We loved the opportunity to tour the fabulous Ben Barber Career Tech Academy, " wrote Shaye Atwood, Gifted and Talented Specialist at Tarver-Rendon Elementary about the tour. "The opportunity was only open to a handful of schools. We were very privileged to be a part of such a unique learning experience. Our students took away an understanding of many concepts and opened their eyes to a variety of different career fields."

The Ben Barber Career Tech Academy campus also provides tours for intermediate and middle school campuses. Recent visitors at this level include James Coble and Worley Middle School. Due to the overwhelming positive response we will be designing a tour program available to all campuses based on availability. For more information contact Melanie Stillings at melaniestillings[at]