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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

City of Arlington Breaks Ground on $16 Million Tri-Schools Street Improvement Project

(L-R: Mansfield ISD Board President Dr. Michael Evans, Mayor Robert Cluck, Asst. Superintendent Construction Services Jeff Brogden, City Council Member Sheri Capehart, MISD Board Member Beth Light, and Superintendent Dr. Jim Vaszauskas)
Officials from the City of Arlington and Mansfield ISD gathered at Carol Holt Elementary School in south Arlington on Tuesday, July 1 to celebrate the groundbreaking of the city's $16 million Tri-Schools Street Improvement Project.

During this project, crews will complete several water, sanitary sewer, storm water drainage, street lighting and street pavement improvements.

City Council Member Sheri Capehart said this project’s significance was highlighted by the ongoing collaboration with Mansfield ISD.

“Through this project, I’m happy to say we have a much more collaborative relationship with MISD than, I believe, we’ve ever had in the past,” said Capehart. “We did it not only for the spirit of collaboration through necessity, but for the benefit of all.”

The Tri-Schools Street Improvement Project will improve the roads and sidewalks in the area of three Mansfield ISD schools: Carol Holt Elementary, T.A. Howard Middle School and Cross Timbers Intermediate School, making it safer for all traveling in the area.

Dr. Michael Evans, president of the MISD Board of Trustees, also had great things to say about the partnership between the City of Arlington and MISD.

“We are celebrating a good thing today because anytime we can provide better access for our children and their parents, we are doing a good thing,” he said.

Crews will reconstruct the following roads: Calender, Curry, Ledbetter and Russell. These existing roads have limited sidewalks, narrow lines and two-lane asphalt roadways with ditch drainage, making it unsafe for the community.

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck said some school buses have fallen into some bar ditches because of these roads.

“We are going to fix it, it’ll take about two years but when it is fixed it will be really safe and nice,” Mayor Cluck explained. “This is what cities are supposed to do, it’s one of our primarily roles public safety and infrastructure.”

The Tri-Schools Street Improvement Project began on June 9, 2014 and is expected to be done in August 2016.

This project, which is part of the City of Arlington's 2008 bond, is one of 16 major public works and water utility upgrade projects totaling as much as $80 million scheduled to roll out over a two-year period.