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Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget – A Mansfield ISD Tribute to 9/11

Where were you on September 11, 2001 when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center? Many of us can remember it like it was yesterday; but there’s a growing number of people (like a majority of today’s students) who were not born or were too young to understand what this day really means.

It’s important that we never forget—not only to commemorate the lives lost and affect by the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, but to make sure future generations don’t lose the meaning of a dark day in history that grew the country’s bond stronger.

Campuses across MISD started school with a moment of silence, followed by a spotlight of 9/11 in the morning announcements. Some schools took it upon themselves to invite the community to memorialize what is now called Patriot Day.  

A Step in Their Shoes
Legacy High School’s JROTC started the ceremonies bright and early by raising the flags before the start of school. Student Resource Officer Daryle Ryan took it upon himself to physically remember what the first responders at Ground Zero experienced. He climbed the stairs up and down at Legacy more than 30 times in honor of those who climbed the flights of stairs at the World Trade Center to rescue 9/11 victims.

A Tradition of Remembrance
Hundreds of people packed the front of Willie Brown Elementary school, where students held an assembly to remember 9/11. It’s a tradition the school has upheld since 2002. Many local law enforcement were present to be honored in the ceremony. The assembly began with the boy scouts raising the flag. Students also sang songs of unity and strength for those in attendance.

A Heart of Gratitude
Students and staff at Roberta Tipps Elementary School used Patriot Day to thank those in public safety positions. Students gave out cookies, thank you cards, letters, and Gatorades as a token of appreciation for the men and women in uniform who come to our “ade.” Mansfield ISD police, Mansfield police, Arlington police, and Mansfield fire crews attended the event, which is in its third year. Members of the police and fire units even signed autographs because the kids were very excited to see them all.

Whether campuses held events, or wore patriotic colors with hallways adorned with flags, today was a day of remembrance throughout the district for 9/11. And the message was very clear no matter which activity you took part in—our community will never forget.

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