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Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome to Infinite Campus

We are ready to introduce to the MISD community the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. A Web page dedicated to Infinite Campus has been created to start us off by providing FAQs, Campus Contact Matrix (who to go to with issues and questions), Reference Documents, and other related information.

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal Information page will be the dedicated location for updates, announcements, and future documentation as deemed necessary by the district.

We encourage parents to be patient as our teachers learn this new system.

The attendance site will be open in the Parent Portal on the first day of school (Monday, August 25, 2008.) There may be a delay of up to a week before actual daily attendance is posted to the Portal. This will allow for class leveling and schedule changes which occur at the opening of each school year.

The grade site will also be open on the first day of school. Again, there may be a delay of a week or two as schedules finalize and assignments are made and graded.

[Update August 22] Ok, so it would appear that with the new program, comes new problems. Here's what we posted to the Infinite Campus Info page earlier today:

We are experiencing some issues with Infinite Campus related to the volume of users. This problem is being addressed by MISD, Region 10 and Infinite Campus. We expect some continued issues and delays into next week.

Thank you for your patience.

Before people start commenting about how "bad the system is" or the "see I told you it wouldn't work" let's all take a deep breath and remember that Infinite Campus is very large program and we are a comparatively large school district. Let's allow for a reasonable amount initial glitches and issues while we all adjust to the new system.


Chrystin Adams said...

I think this is a great program.Im from Indiana and they have nothing like this.All good things take time.So no matter how many gliches it will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

I like it so far but what happened to the "to do" feature? It was up and now its gone completely!

Anonymous said...

This program is gay esembler is better than infinite campus

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue, but we are quickly nearing the end of the 1st six weeks and Infinite Campus has been down 2 days in a row. Are teachers able to access it to update grades if we as parents can't even access it to check grades? Will we ever be able to view teachers lesson plans? Can we set up notifications to be sent, like in Esembler, when our child receives a zero or has a late assignment? Any information about this new system would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I like the system, please consider adding notifying the parents when students are receiving low grades or their average has dropped. This give parents a chance to inquire before the final grade is posted. I feel I have to log on daily and check each of my kids class for their grades. This is very time cosuming. This feature would be a great asset to the system.

Anonymous said...

It appears that not all teachers utilize the assignment function. It is frustrating as a parent to try to help 'stay' on top of the student, when you don't know what you should be asking. The answer to the question Do you have any homework? is typically followed by No....then you check IC and find that there are several 'assignments' that haven't been complete.

Also there are times when there is nothing on the missing assignment listing only to not have a grade either. So I am unclear if the assignment is missing or just not graded.

Donna said...

Why do the teachers not contact you when there are missing assignments or anything else,I have only gotten on email from one teacher this whole schooly year.
Donna Davis

Communications Department said...

Donna, thank you for your question. If you have a specific problem related to a teacher's e-mails, please contact your campus directly to resolve this issue. The system is designed to provide open access to grades, assignments and what we believe to be other relevant and useful information for families. It is our hope that appropriate communication will take place between teachers and families.

Anonymous said...

I still can not get into the system. Without the access code (susposely) sent to me, I can not get in to see anything. However, that doesn't keep them from emailing me updates that my child is missing assignments when the teacher just hasn't entered the grade yet.

Anonymous said...

it doesent even tell u how to make one,it would be easier to have a join infinite campus sign button,than go to the school and sign up it makes no sense what so ever.