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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dress For Success Day Promotes Professionalism for Students

On January 27, 2010 Della Icenhower Intermediate School held it's first Dress For Success Day. On this day boys wore a tie and slacks and girls wore dresses/skirts and a coordinating top. Reggie Rhines M.Ed., Icenhower School Counselor, gave some details on this day and the school's plan for more.
"I sponsor a club called Men In Training (MinT for short). This club has been in existence for over 4 years now and is for 6th grade boys only. The purpose of this club is to promote leadership, community responsibility, and professionalism. This year I decided to do things a little differently. I felt that there is a set of skills that every young man should know by the time they reach adulthood. One of the skills is how to tie a tie. After some discussion the boys of MinT wanted to pass this skill on to others in the school and it just kind of expanded from there.

"We are hoping to promote the value of professionalism to our students. It was amazing to see how many students put on a more serious face when they came to school in a professional manner. The students had a wonderful time dressing up and many commented on how nice their classmates looked. We did turn this into a competition of sorts as well. The team with the most students dressing out got a free recess. We had over 70% of students participate in this endeavor."
Dress For Success will occur on the last Wednesday of each month for the rest of this school year at Della Icenhower Intermediate School. [See the photo gallery from the day.]