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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saving Lives Is Everybody's Business: Every 15 Minutes Program

The following is from an email sent from the local community sponsor of an event that will serve as a fundraiser for the 'Every 15 Minutes' program:

Community Comes Together For Our High School Students
by Daryle Perez, Alternative Funeral Services
March 10, 2011

As funeral professionals in our community, we have had to experience the difficult process of making funeral arrangements for a student that has died due to an alcohol related collision.

We as a community feel the loss and come together to greive in our own way and at times thinking that it could have happened to my family.

Life's lessons are best learned though experience. Unfortunately, when the target audience is teens and the topic is drinking and texting while driving, experience is not the teacher of choice.

So what can we do? Educate.

Every 15 Minutes Program
The Every 15 Minutes Program offers real-life experience without the real-life risks. This emotionally charged program, entitled Every 15 Minutes, is an event designed to dramatically instill teenagers with the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol and texting while driving. This powerful program will challenge students to think about drinking, texting while driving, personal safety, and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.

Historically, only two high schools in the Mansfield ISD participated. The decision was made to share the experience with all four MISD high schools. Funding is provided by the Mansfield Police Department's "Every 15 Minutes" program and the addition of two more schools created the need for additional funding from the individual schools.

We believe that this program greatly impacts our high school students and that it is the responsibility of our business community to ensure that these types of programs continue in the future.

Benefit Art Show
We would like to invite your to an evening of art and music as we help to raise monies for the "Every 15 Minutes" program.

Saving Lives: Benefit Art Show
3/26/11  5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Alternative Funeral Services
1556 W. Heritage Parkway at HWY 287
Admission is Free - Donations will be accepted

Donated artwork will be auctioned and all proceeds will be given to the Mansfield Police Department's "Every 15 Minutes" fund.

Get directions and information about AFS Gallery Night Benefit Art Show.
Donations can be made payable to: AFS-1556 Heritage Parkway, Mansfield, TX 76063


Anonymous said...

I participated in this program as a Junior almost 10 years ago, I still think about the stories that I heard. I was one of the students who "died" and the night that we heard the stories from people whose lives were changed by drunk drivers will forever be a night that I remember and will note as the day I made the decision not to drink and drive. Please donate to this because I promise its so worth it!

Gene Schramme, Instructor- Construction Technology said...

The Construction Technology department at Ben Barber has committed to building the 500 crosses needed for this district-wide program. Each campus will recieve 125 crosses for the students that are "chosen".

25 Students in Construction Tech 1 have put in 160+ hours building the crosses, they have almost completed the project. Soon the crosses will be ready for painting!