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Friday, August 5, 2011

Reasons for the five minute earlier high school start

Mansfield ISD high school students will report to school five minutes earlier this year due to an adjusted bell schedule.

Mansfield HS, Legacy HS, Summit HS, Timberview HS will start school five minutes earlier at 7:10 AM (Classes are dismissed at 2:30 PM.)

Ben Barber Career Tech Academy/Frontier HS will begin the day at 7:00 AM (Classes are dismissed at 2:30 PM.)

So why the change?
The earlier start time was done for several reasons. Basically, the earlier start times create more flexibility for students taking courses at Ben Barber Career Tech Academy. We also had to adjust the schedule to transport students to and from BBCTA on the morning and afternoon bus schedule to ensure they would not miss class at their home campuses. Additionally, Tarrant County College Southeast Campus requested longer class times for duel credit courses that students can take at the BBCTA campus. And lastly, the adjustment will allowed Ben Barber CTA to qualify for additional funding which, in this economic climate could not be ignored.

Change can be tough (and maybe even a little unpopular according to a few of the Twitter replies we've seen from students) but we appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding for this adjustment.

Get a printable copy of the high school bell schedule chart is available on the MISD website.

Photo credit: svenwerk