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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pirates make landfall at Worley Middle School

Two Texas History teachers from Worley Middle School, (above L-R) Jeff Horn and Darryl Swinney, dressed up like pirates on Monday, October 31 for a class presentation on pirates who played a role in Texas history.

In a storytelling mode, they both explained the role of pirates Jean Lafitte and Louis-Michel Aury in the Mexican War of Independence. 

According to the principal, students were thrilled to see their teachers perform for them. 

"The history department here at Worley goes above and beyond to provide our learners with authentic historical experiences," said Dr. Butler, Worley Principal. "It’s almost like our students get to sit on the sidelines of history and watch it take place."
It was also a pretty good excuse to get dressed up for work on Halloween. 
Well done, guys.