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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Which Green Beans Took the Gold?

Over the past month, eight campuses have been competing in a Green Bean recipe contest held by the Mansfield ISD Student Nutrition Department. 

Teachers, custodians and aides submitted their favorite green bean recipe to their school’s Student Nutrition Manager to prepare and offer to students. Each campus selected their students’ favorite recipe and entered it into the Finals. 

On Friday, February 10, Brenda Prescott, a third grade teacher from Martha Reid Elementary, won the competition by a landslide with her “Crumby Green Beans!” On Valentine’s Day, the Martha Reid Student Nutrition Team presented Prescott with an Avante360 gift card and a Great Recipe Idea certificate. Each student in Prescott’s class received a coupon for a Frozen Fruit bar of their choice. 

In addition to the prizes, Prescott’s recipe (with a slight name change) will be added to the menu at all school campuses on Wednesday, March 7. 

“Student Nutrition is excited to include students and faculty in our recent recipe contest,” said Gaylan Mathis, Student Nutrition Director. “We are looking forward to putting the winning recipe on our menu!”

Congratulations to Brenda Prescott and thank you for sharing your delicious recipe! Don’t forget to stop by your school cafeteria on March 7 to sample the award-winning Crumbly Green Beans.