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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

P.E. Aide Brings Heart to Student Health

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Travel back in your mind to when you were an elementary school student. Can you remember every test grade you got, or every field trip you ever took? Not likely. What about the name of your favorite teacher, or a moment when a teacher made you feel important or special?

It’s a safe bet that some of the current students at Alice Ponder Elementary will someday look back and recall Karin McCormick as one of those bright spots in their educational history.

As a P.E. Aide, McCormick has the opportunity to interact with more than 500 students from five different grade levels. She enjoys the opportunity to see so many different smiling faces each day, and she does her part to make sure each of them feel special.

“She has the opportunity to meet everyone in our school and she makes sure that she knows all of their names,” said Principal Jennifer Stoecker. “She’s just always willing to go above and beyond to help each child be successful, and that’s one of the reasons she’s so great!”

In addition to memorizing hundreds of students’ names, McCormick approaches each school day with a personal goal to make an impact in the life of a student.

“You want to feel like you’ve made a difference in their life,” said McCormick. “Whether it’s just talking a few extra minutes with them or eating lunch with them, they appreciate it and it makes them feel special and it makes me feel special that I’ve tried to do something to help them.”

McCormick’s philosophy is simple, yet effective, and it has certainly gained the attention of those around her.

“I strive to be more like Karin – loving, giving, caring, kind, encouraging and inspirational!” said Art Teacher Stefani Wallace.

On behalf of the Mansfield ISD Administration, congratulations to Karin McCormick, the April 2012 Heartbeat Team Award Winner!

About the Heartbeat Team
The Mansfield ISD Heartbeat Team was established to recognize employees who display heart in their lives and inspire other district employees through their actions. Heartbeat Team members are nominated only by other district employees. Winners are selected during the school year from those nominated. Those named to the Heartbeat Team are still eligible for other district honors.