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Monday, April 2, 2012

Van Cliburn Foundation's Colors You Can Hear

Slow. Fast. Happy. Sad. Major. Minor. 

These were just some of the words Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary students used to describe the music being played by a concert pianist from The Van Cliburn Foundation. Second, third, and fourth grade students were treated this afternoon to a program entitled, Colors You Can Hear from The Van Cliburn Foundation's Musical Awakenings educational outreach initiative.

Musical Awakenings  was designed to introduce young audiences to classical music. According to the Foundation's website, the purpose is "to teach children about the basic elements of music through fun, interactive activities within the context of classical piano repertoire."
"...Each interactive concert, which lasts about forty-five-minutes, features a program facilitator and guest pianist. Following each presentation, students ask questions to learn more about the pianist. A grand piano is brought into the school and a camcorder and projector are used to project the pianist's hands onto a screen for all students to view.  Illustrations further enhance the students' experiences."
This is the second year Mansfield ISD elementary schools have been hosts for Musical Awakenings.

This year's elementary schools include Erma Nash, Nancy Neal, Alice Ponder, Mary Jo Sheppard, and Tarver-Rendon. The final campus presentation this year will be Thursday, May 17 at Annette Perry Elementary.

Last year, (2010-11) other MISD elementary schools participated in hosting this free learning opportunity; J. L. Boren, Janet Brockett, Anna May Daulton, Kenneth Davis, Carol Holt, Roberta Tipps, Elizabeth Smith, and Cora Spencer.