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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feed the Kids for Summer - Common Ground Network

The following is a special post for our community about the Feed the Kids for Summer program from the Common Ground Network:
Created and administered by the staff and volunteers of the Common Ground Network, Feed the Kids for Summer is a program which assists struggling Mansfield ISD area families to meet their grocery needs during the summer break from school.

Families who depend on the government-sponsored school meal programs to help provide their children with nutritious food are left with a large void to fill during the summer months. Common Ground interviews hundreds of families to determine the most urgent needs and then goes into action to make sure that supplemental groceries can be provided to them for the duration of the summer.

Feed the Kids for Summer is designed to help supplement lunch and breakfast food for children in the Mansfield ISD. The food is kid friendly and does not require a stove or oven to prepare.

Additional information can be found on the Common Ground Network website. Also, if you know of a family who could benefit from this program, please download the Feed the Kids for Summer Distribution Flyer (pdf) and share with them.

In 2010, the Feed the Kids for Summer Program collected, bagged and distributed over 5,000 bags of food. The total cost was over $25,000.

The 2011 Feed the Kids for Summer Program, broke a record when they collected, bagged and distributed 6,839 bags of food at a cost of $35,334. This breaks down to $5.17 a bag.

Feed the Kids for Summer is one of several programs of Common Ground
Network created to care for families in need within the Mansfield ISD.
In 2011, volunteers like the ones shown above packed 700 bags of
food each week of the summer program.

Mansfield ISD is a partner with the Common Ground Network.