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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Science Camp Draws 300

What do you get when you mix dirt, water, and plastic animal figurines?

For the students attending MISD Science Camp, the answer is a lesson in water conservation in a simulated ecosystem!

The second annual MISD Science Camp is being held at Mary Jo Sheppard this week. Enrollment tripled in size from last year, reaching a total of 300 students, ranging from kindergarten to 4th grade. 

The camp is taught by a group of 30 Gifted/Talented Specialists from across the district, who worked together to create engaging and hands-on curriculum.

The focus of this year’s camp is the importance of water conservation and the concept of “going blue.” Over the course of the week, students complete 10 activities, including:
  • Properties of Water (Surface Tension)
  • Make Your Own Cloud and Rain
  • Watch the Clouds Grow - Cloud Investigator
  • Make a Rain Stick
  • Build a Dam
  • Hydroelectric Energy - Water Wheel
  • Model Rivers/Lakes - Build a Watershed (See how pollution spreads)
  • Water on a String
  • Product Design (Create and test water-based products)
  • Create a Conservation of Water Presentation

We asked some students to tell us something they learned at camp:

"It's really important to save water. Every living thing needs it." - Mia, 3rd Grade

"I've learned the different uses for a dam. At first, I thought it was for blocking water, but now I know it can be used for energy and electricity." - Aydan, 3rd Grade

"My favorite thing at science camp is painting because you get to make the paint! We made purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, and dark pink." - Elyssa, Kindergarten

The camp concludes Friday, June 21 at 2:00 p.m. with a spectacular student showcase in the cafeteria at Sheppard Elementary. Parents and friends are welcome!
Thank you to the 2013 MISD Science Camp Staff: Lacye Redmond (Camp Administrator), April Morrison (Camp Secretary), Angela England, Brooke Bryan, Sara Mata, Melanie Jefferis, Diane Nelson, Karen Mullins, Jennifer Burke, Terri Burris, Shari Bingham, Bianca Gholston, Joelene Prust, Lauren Longoria, Kate Walker, Athena Johnson, Carol McKenna, Natalie Toomey, Amy Krueger, Dwayne Wyatt, Amanda Ekeland, Chelsea Polasek, Kassi Mehler, Joanna Baylis, Kathy Neal, Rob Austin, Beth Hughes, Afua Konadu, Kristen Johnson, Stefanie Slack, Amanda Wells, Michelle Gery.