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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

100 New Ambassadors Prepared with Positivity

Mansfield ISD teamed up with Friends of Texas Public Schools to offer a unique opportunity for staff members to discuss and celebrate all the things going right in our district and schools. The Ambassador Training Academy is designed to unite campus, district staff and to strengthen a culture of optimism and hope for MISD and Texas public schools.

A group of 100 educators representing Mansfield ISD campuses and departments came together for three energizing and informative professional development sessions. Participants learned how the power of professional unity profoundly impacts the profession and why a culture of brotherhood is essential in any successful organization.

Here’s what some of the Ambassadors had to say about the program:

“The opportunity to attend the Ambassador program was priceless!  I enjoyed taking time to reflect on all the amazing things we are doing as a campus and district that we sometimes go unnoticed.  Highlighting these accomplishments has been important in creating a positive mindset at our campus and our community.” 
- Miranda Utkin, 5th grade teacher at Mary Orr Intermediate School

"It was refreshing to hear about Texas Public Schools in a positive light! Negativity has been dominant for far too long in conversations about our students, schools and teachers. Thank you for bringing this to program to Mansfield ISD!” 
- Christopher Bryant, Event Specialist at the MISD Center for Performing Arts

“My favorite part of MISD Ambassador training was the book,
Hard Optimism. I enjoyed it so much I had my 6th grade son read the book to show him how important being an optimist is to your health, grades, and future work environment. He actually told me that it changed his life.”
- Brandon Austin, Social Studies Teacher/Department Head at Lake Ridge High School

“I enjoyed the passion from everyone there…. whenever you surround yourself with so much positivity it is truly contagious! Just as the story of saving one starfish at a time, I feel like we all walked away with a bit more “power”!”
- Mary Costa, P.E. Teacher at Martha Reid Elementary School

” I believe strongly in message shared by the Ambassador Program, to celebrate and promote all the amazing teaching and learning occurring in our public schools. The book we read,
Hard Optimism, inspired and motivated me to reframe my thoughts, words, and actions to enhance to the positive energy in our schools.”
- Ann Devlin, Assistant Principal at Summit High School

“I truly enjoyed learning how attitude is an option despite all the adversities in life and how cognitive behavioral restructuring can change your life for the better. I also enjoyed learning how new positive ideas can be contagious and the impact they have on total team morale is immense!”
- Bill Palmer, Traveling RN from Health Services

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2014 Ambassador Training Program. We hope you will carry on the lessons you learned, and take every opportunity to share and celebrate all of the things going RIGHT in our amazing district!