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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

District Battle of the Books Competition

On April 29, 2014, the Mansfield ISD middle schools competed once again in their Annual Battle of the Books. Teams of six students from each of our middle schools gathered at T.A. Howard Middle School to answer trivia questions about the ten books on the list this year. Ms. Staci Buck read the Battle questions that all start “in which book…?” and the teams had 30 seconds to give the title and the author of the book that answers the question.

Brooks Wester Middle School finished in First Place and there was a tie-breaker round that awarded Linda Jobe Middle School Second Place and T. A. Howard Middle School Third Place. All of the students involved had a great time reading and “battling” in the school rounds to get to the District Meet.

The first district middle school battle of the books was funded by the Mansfield ISD Education Foundation in 2004.
Guest post provided by Karen Swanson, MLIS, Library Information Technology Educator, Brooks Wester Middle School.