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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feed the Kids for Summer 2014


Feed the Kids for Summer is a program that helps supplement food during the summer for students on the free/reduced breakfast and lunch program in Mansfield ISD. Each student can receive a bag of food containing nutritious food that can be prepared without the use of an oven or stove. The bags are distributed each week through the student’s nearest food pantry. The program operates June 4 - August 13. If you are interested in receiving this supplemental food, please contact your nearest food pantry.

Alimento de Niños para el Verano es un programa que ayuda a complementar los alimentos durante el verano para los estudiantes en el programa de desayuno y almuerzo a precio reducido/gratis de Mansfield ISD. Cada estudiante puede recibir una bolsa de comida que contiene alimentos nutritivos que se pueden preparar sin el uso de un horno o estufa. Las bolsas se distribuyen cada semana a través del sitio de despensa de alimentos más cercano al alumno. El programa operará desde el 4 junio-13 agosto. Si usted está interesado en recibir este alimento suplementario, por favor entrar en contacto con el sitio de despensa de alimentos más cercano.

Food Pantries serving Mansfield ISD Students

Bisbee: 3001 Gertie Barrett Rd., Mansfield (817-561-4733);  
Community Action Partners: 1601 E. Lamar Ste 201, Arlington (817-299-9003);  
Living Word Outreach: 107 N. 1st Ave, Mansfield (817-473-6055);  
East Broad Outreach: 4517 E. Broad St, Mansfield (817-539-0581);  
Wesley Mission Center: 777 N. Walnut Creek Dr, Mansfield (817-473-6650);  
Harvesting International: 901 E. Broad, Mansfield;  
St. Vincent de Paul: St. Jude Center, 501 E. Dallas, Mansfield (682-518-0366);  
Greater New Life Baptist Church: 7710 Oak St., Mansfield (817-779-2877);  
The Redeemed Christian Church of God: 2090 S. Cooper, Ste. 200, Mansfield (817-897-4623);  
Christian Fellowship Flock Church: 7300 S. Cooper St., Arlington (817-658-7226);  
Bar Cross Cowboy Church: 12001 E. FM 917, Alvarado (817-734-6892)
If you are interested in helping, please consider being a volunteer. You can also give a tax-deductible donation, by making checks out to, "Common Ground", memo FKFS and mail to - Common Ground, P.O. Box 1049, Mansfield, TX 76063.

Mansfield ISD is a partner with the Common Ground Network.
Common Ground preps for summer, Mansfield News-Mirror