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Friday, May 20, 2016

High School Senior Graduates at 15 Years Old

Donyea Grayson is just like any other high school student. She stays active in school, keeps up with her grades, and likes to hang out with her friends.

She’s excited to cross the stage this June on graduation day, but she won’t be able to drive herself to the event.

In fact, she can’t drive anywhere at all by herself because she’s only 15 years old.

“My friends forget that I’m this young,” said Grayson. “I started high school when I was 12, but I’m lucky that I had my older brother there with me so that he can sort of protect me.”

As a child, Grayson skipped two grade levels. She’s used to being the youngest in her class and said that it pushed her to be a stronger person and work even harder.

“It helped build my character because early on, it was hard for the kids to accept me since I was younger,” the 15-year-old recalled. “I pushed myself to prove to my teachers and classmates that I did belong in that class.”

Grayson is involved in many organizations at Lake Ridge High School. She was on the Academic Decathlon team, cheerleading squad, and a member of the National Honor Society.

Her momentum won't stop when she graduates.

She will be attending The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the fall with hopes of majoring in psychology and eventually going to law school. She was admitted into the UCLA Academic Advancement Program (AAP) and made the UCLA Cheer Squad of 10 females.

“I essentially gave up two years of childhood for two years of adulthood,” said Grayson, who expressed excitement for her future. “I would do it all again because it shaped me to be who I am today.”