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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Small Team of Big Contributors

A team consisting of only 10 people make all the deliveries and pickups to and from the 43 campuses and several department buildings within Mansfield ISD. Their services can sometimes go unnoticed; but when the devoted employees don’t do their jobs, everyone feels the effects.

“We distribute and collect mail, food and supplies, salvage and surplus, furniture, records, etc.,” said Brad Barker, MISD’s warehouse supervisor. “When schools move in or out of a facility, we’re the ones who move all of their assets too.”

The workers in the distribution center work in all types of weather conditions. Even though the conditions can be a bit unfavorable at times, Barker said he loves his crew, and they love their jobs.

An MISD employee stops to ask which surplus items are available.
“I have a great crew. I rely on them, and they rely on me,” Barker continued. “I don’t have a big turnover. Most of my guys have been here between three to 15 years. Without them, the district wouldn’t run as efficiently.”

The distribution workers are focused on not wasting money. Barker said that all collected materials are either recycled, put into surplus or auctioned away.

“A lot of staff do not know that they can come to our warehouse and look around to see if they see any pieces of furniture that will benefit them,” the supervisor said.

Putting items into surplus is one of the new ideas Barker was able to bring to the district. Along with surplus, he said he loves figuring out what the district needs in terms of supplies and being able to be of service to others.

“My guys get the job done pretty quickly. Mail is usually delivered the next day, and we can move an entire campus in or out in approximately three days. We just love what we do.”