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Friday, September 1, 2017

Students Help Pets Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

While Mansfield ISD is conducting a relief drive to help those affected by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, high schoolers are making sure an often forgotten population is taken care of as well.

Ben Barber Innovation Academy students started a donation drive to collect food and supplies for displaced pets. The students in the agricultural science practicum class saw the need and spread their idea to their home high school campuses.

Through collaboration and the power of social media, the donations started to come in by the dozens.

“The schools were very receptive, and a lot of people were able to post it to their social media pages (using the hashtag #HeartsOutToHarvey). We’ve gotten a lot of shares. It’s been shared all the way into the U.K.,” said agricultural science teacher Kristi Chambliss.

Agricultural science students dropped off the decorated donation
boxes at each MISD high school.
Donation boxes were given to each high school. The items from each campus were carried into a trailer and brought back to the Reed Stewart Agricultural Science Center to store.

“We’ll be working with an organization that is going to take this to areas in the south that need it most,” Chambliss continued, “I’m so proud of these students because it was all their idea. They saw a need and had a heart for giving.”

The MISD rodeo team is also taking feed and hay to the Houston area to assist.

Senior Katelynn Timmerman added that the community has been a great help to their cause. They’ve even received discounts from local businesses to help offset the costs.

“We were using our own money to go help those animals. It feels really good helping,” she explained.

The campus pet drive ends Sept. 1. A community drive will take place on Saturday, Sept. 2 from 7 a.m. to noon at the Reed Stewart Agricultural Science Center, located at 1924 N. Main St., Mansfield, TX 76063. Anyone who would like to donate supplies is welcome.