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Friday, October 7, 2016

Military Dad Surprises Daughter with Homecoming

A late-night email from a kindergartner's mother caused staff from two Mansfield ISD elementary schools to pull together and give the five-year-old a surprise ending to her day.

The email stated that Brielle Garcia would not be in class on Friday because her dad came back from deployment. He had been gone for months and was going to spend some time with his daughter.

Wal-Mart donated small flags for the students to wave
during the impromptu assembly.
But employees at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School and Judy K. Miller Elementary School, who share the same campus, wanted to make the occasion a real hero's welcome.

"I came to school early this morning, sent out a couple emails, and everyone just got the urge and dedication to make something wonderful happen for Brielle and her dad," said Sheira Petty, principal at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School.

In an impromptu kindergarten assembly about heroes, students learned about the different branches of the military. Brielle was then called up to the front of the room because her dad is in the U.S. Air Force.

Brielle was shy but happy to finally see
her father after his deployment.
As the Air Force song played in the background, the curtains to the stage slowly opened to reveal Brielle's dad standing behind her.

She looked back in shock and gave her father a big hug and a kiss. The students who watched it all unfold waved their little American flags and cheered them on.

"I'm actually leaving again to Korea in either January or March; so any time I get to come home, I try to come back and see her," said Staff Sgt. George Garcia.

Brielle didn't have much to say, but her smile said it all. Her daddy was back, and she was going to cherish every moment of it for as long as she could.