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Friday, April 15, 2016

Phoenix Academy Equips Students for Success Through Expo

The president of Methodist Mansfield Medical Center
spoke to the students about having the right attitude.
What started off as an idea to help students prepare for job interviews blossomed into a full-day business expo to prepare students for various aspects of life after graduation.

The Phoenix Academy held its “From Flame to Flight” Business Expo on Wednesday, April 13 at the Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts. The event, made possible through a grant from the MISD Education Foundation, consisted of community and corporate leaders who gave the students real-world advice to apply in their future careers.

“I shared the idea with some staff members, and it took off from there,” said Phoenix Academy teacher Donna Craig. “So many people in the community collaborated together to make this happen.”

Students registered for sessions that included topics on business etiquette, career skills, leadership, and protecting their online reputation. Principal Regenia Crane said she hopes the event will allow students to unlock their full potential.

“It’s about creating a culture of success,” said Crane. “These kids are diamonds in the rough, and this expo will help them move their obstacles so that they can shine and be productive citizens and know their worth.”

Principal Crane and Donna Craig were excited for
the different workshops at the business expo.
Before the expo, The Phoenix Academy held financial reality classes for students. Mock job interviews will also be conducted later in the month so students can become more familiar with the corporate world.

“If we didn’t have this experience, we would be left in the dark,” said senior Glen Johnston. “We wouldn’t understand what we need to do and what we need to prepare for. The people that go to this school are going to be the next leaders of this country.”

The expo organizers said they plan to expand the program next year and continue adding components that give students the tools they need to succeed.

“It’s written into my DNA to equip. That’s what fulfills me,” said Craig. “And I’m grateful to be part of a district that encourages innovation and allows us to dream big.”