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Friday, September 2, 2016

Crossing Guard Gains Attention for Upbeat Moves

If you’ve ever passed by the intersection of Debbie Lane and Walnut Creek Road, it’s pretty hard to miss him. Reginald McGill can be seen waving at passersby, singing songs, and dancing—all while getting kids safely across the street.

“I am the first person the kids see in the morning, so I treat them with respect and greet them with joy so that they have a great day,” said McGill, who has been a Mansfield ISD crossing guard for a little more than one year.

When asked why McGill acts the way he does, he simply answered, “Why not?” He said he can’t just stand there for no apparent reason, so he has to be happy and make sure everyone around is happy too.

McGill makes sure to have a fun time, but he takes safety very seriously. Every child that crosses McGill’s path is accustomed to his four rules: listen to him, press the crosswalk button, say good morning every morning, and no electronic devices in the crosswalk or in hand. He also has a plea for motorists.

“I really wish drivers would slow down at the crosswalk and stop using their phones,” said McGill.

McGill reminds students about his four rules each morning.
It isn’t just a one-man show, though. The husband and father of three said being able to safely maneuver through one of the busiest intersections in the district is all done with the help of his nearby crossing guards.

“I couldn’t do it without them,” he explained. “Everything runs so smoothly out here because of our teamwork. We all love the kids, and we love what we do.”

Angelia Saleh, a fellow crossing guard at the intersection, summed up their relationship in one sentence.

“I’m the calm to his crazy,” she said. “We get the job done while having fun,” Saleh added.

For more information about the MISD crossing guard program, visit the MISD webpage.