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Friday, February 3, 2017

Retired NBA Superstar Teaches Students the Journey to Success

Moncrief, nicknamed Super Sid, told the students about his NBA days.
He went from playing professional basketball to coaching it. Now, he uses his passion to coach people and inspire them to achieve greatness.

Five-time NBA All-Star Sidney Moncrief made a stop at Mansfield ISD’s Phoenix Academy and Behavior Intervention Center (BIC) to teach students about the road to his success despite his childhood difficulties.

“I used to get into trouble when I was younger,” the Milwaukee Bucks legend explained. “But once I got to high school, I found my calling, which was basketball.”

The 6-4 guard said he was very skilled in basketball, but his grades didn’t always make the score. Once he made the decision to apply himself, his grade point average (GPA) went from a 1.85 entering high school to a 3.85 by the time he graduated.

“I didn’t get smarter; I decided to put in more hard work and effort,” Moncrief said. “Here’s a guy that had everything going against him, and he was still able to do something very good. You have the same potential to be great. You just have to find a way to tap into that.”

The father of four detailed the habits needed to become a successful adult whom people can trust. Topics ranged from preparation and smart choices to kindness and respect.
Students were excited to welcome the Defensive Player of the Year.

Students like Ryan Redd said they connected to his message.

“I think it was the best presentation,” said the 11th-grader. “I relate to his situation more because I play basketball. I learned how key responsibility is.”

Moncrief is now a speaker, consultant and author. He said he wants to make sure everyone learns the real definition of success.

“Success isn’t only about who wins. Success is who gave all there was to give.”