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Friday, September 29, 2017

MISD Student Uses Hospital Stay to Help Others

The displayed piece is titled "Pop Stars."
When Zoie Taylor told her mom that her stomach hurt, none of them realized how serious the problem was.

The two went to the hospital as a precaution, but Zoie was admitted for a full week. It turned out the severe abdominal pain was caused from inflammation in her colon. Doctors said she had hypersensitive nerves in her stomach.

While recovering in the hospital, the J.L. Boren Elementary School student did what she does best to pass the time—draw.

“She drew everyone pictures,” Heidi Taylor, Zoie’s mother, recalled. “She would give them to anyone who wanted one. It’s something she has loved to do since she was little.”

The hospital staff at Cook Children’s Medical Center took notice of the third-grader’s art. They were so impressed that they decided to hang up a drawing in one of the hallways.

“It feels amazing to have my artwork on the wall,” the eight-year-old said with a grin. “I wanted to inspire other kids so they can be happy and not sad.”

Zoie was thrilled to have her drawings featured.
Zoie’s art pieces were recently featured at a charity auction for the medical facility. She received five-star treatment and got to ride in a limo to the event, which was hosted by Texas Christian University’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

“Three of my drawings sold,” said Zoie. “And I met a very nice lady who bought one of my drawings and then gave me the pearl necklace she was wearing.”

To show her appreciation for a hospital staff and community that she said has given her so much, Zoie gave back by bringing a big box of art supplies to the hospital for other young patients to use.

“I was using the hospital’s art supplies when I was there, and I wanted to make sure that there would still be some for the other kids,” she explained.

“She has such a big heart, and I’m just proud of her,” her mom said.

Zoie’s drawings will be rotated throughout Cook Children’s Medical Center so that patients and visitors from various wards will be able to view it.