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Friday, April 13, 2018

Students Provide Comfort to Patients Through Music

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Fine Arts students across Mansfield ISD are helping hospital patients recover by simply doing what they love.

A new music therapy program named Recovery Notes allows the young musicians to perform for patients at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

“The original intent was that these patients needed to have a reason to kind of get up and out of their beds,” said Dr. Chuck Roe, assistant fine arts director. “But even for patients who are confined to the bed, they get a little enjoyment than just watching the T.V.”

Medical center officials said music can be a good resource to manage pain and anxiety, ultimately playing a significant part in a patient’s recovery.

The students are assigned to the cardiac telemetry floor.
Students in musical theatre, choir and band participate in Recovery Notes on Monday evenings. The program is in its infancy, but it has already proven to be a benefit.

“The patients really love it and so do the students,” said Brittany Ross, a fine arts teacher at MISD. “We’ve even gotten some really great reactions from the nurses. It really does bring this feeling of joy throughout the entire hallway.”

Dr. Roe said the students start out not knowing what to expect; but after they perform, he said they are excited to sign up for another session.

“I’d like to believe that maybe their days got better because of this, and I would love to do anything that I can to make their days better,” said senior Jisella Ayala from Legacy High School.

Students who participate in Recovery Notes have an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship to the college of their choice. Dr. Roe said the program will continue in the summer months.