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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

School Nurses: More Than Bumps and Bruises

Members of the MISD Health Services team
said they love what they do.
School nurses are an important part of the education system that people often don’t think about until they need them.

That’s why Mansfield ISD would like to join other districts across the nation to celebrate School Nurse Day and remember the men and women who make the health of our students, staff, and families a priority.

“We have the opportunity to heal the mind, soul, heart, and body of everyone with which we come into contact,” said Ted Cross, MISD director of health services. “Nurses are often overlooked, but never unappreciated.”

MISD schools are staffed with full-time registered nurses dedicated to provide every student with individualized health care. Cross said people would be surprised to know the help school nurses give on a daily basis.

Each MISD campus is equipped with
"Go Kits" to take on school field trips.
“When kids don’t have glasses, we help with that. We have a large amount of community resources that we are able to tap into to benefit our students,” Cross continued.

MISD nurses prove that they are more than health care professionals. They have a calling to heal others and teach healthy practices.

“When you have a common goal and you see everyone actively working toward this, it’s inspiring,” said Laurie James, nurse at Lake Ridge High School. “It’s a very collaborative environment with my school nurse peers.”

Although May 11 is dedicated to the recognition of school nurses nationwide, MISD would like to let all its health professionals know that their willingness to serve does not go unnoticed.

“I would like them to know that we appreciate the sincerity and caring attitude they have for our students and staff. They go above and beyond,” said Cross.